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LinkSushi: Yes, I want Fries with that.

Linkfrenzy has gone offline. Due to recent copyright rulings within the jurisdiction this 'blog is composed in, the potential for copyright infringement lawsuit has become a real--albeit remote--possibility. In addition, the amount of time which would be necessary to ensure legal compliance would bloat the process to the extent that it's simply not worth the effort, even assuming that the knowlege to make such a judgement call is sound.

It was a trip. Thanks for reading.

Please note that this archive may contain broken links (404 errors), and that although most links leading to NSFW (Not Safe For Work) destinations are marked as such, the nature of webpages and domain ownership is such that all links are followed at your own risk...

(NB: Archive currently being transferred over. By hand. Current updating will hopefully be complete by Monday 21 Jun God knows when.)

Linkfrenzy is drjon's online Bookmark compilation. It consists of an archive of interesting links stumbled on by drjon in the course of his Internet Surfing or passed to him from many and varied sources.

You will kindly notice that there may be a slight bias in both the links presented, and the style in which they are presented. This is probably due to Something In The Water. I'd ignore it, if I were you...

Some of the places drjon reads and draws his links from include:There are many others, as well. This list will be updated as he gets round to it, but will never be comprehensive.

His Technorati Profile is also available broken.
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