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Date:2012-07-23 21:57

Chumbawamba gets knocked down for the final time, breaks up
...the rare case where a band can claim that they’ve done everything they could do as a band and be absolutely truthful about it...

Ethereal aerographite is lightest stuff ever made
It looks like a wisp of smoke or even the work of a very confused spider, but this is actually a close up of the lightest material that has ever been created.

"I'm not here for your inspiration"
I suppose it doesn’t matter what inspiration porn says to us as people with disabilities. It’s not actually about us. Disability is complex. You can’t sum it up in a cute picture with a heart-warming quote. So next time you’re tempted to share that picture of an adorable kid with a disability to make your facebook friends feel good, just take a second to consider why you’re really clicking that button.

Disability and sexuality: everything you think you know is wrong
Our culture associates sex and sexuality with our ideas of perfect bodies. So when we’re confronted with bodies that completely contravene our image of what perfect bodies should be like, we’d rather not think of those bodies as being sexual, thanks very much. Which is a shame, really -- in part because of the way it disenfranchises and stigmatizes disabled people, but also because disabled people get up to some truly awesome shit in the bedroom. And if you’re anything like me, you’d rather know about these things...

WikiLeaks wins case against VISA
The Reykjavík District Court has ruled that Valitor, formerly known as VISA Iceland, violated contract laws by blocking credit card donations to Wikileaks... The court also ordered that the donation gateway should be reopened within 14 days otherwise Valitor will be forced to pay a fine of $6,200 daily.

Supreme Court Shakes the Foundations of Canadian Copyright Law
When combined with the government's recently enacted Bill C-11 that adds new consumer exceptions and limits damages, Canadian copyright law has undergone an extensive overhaul over the past few weeks with implications that will take years to sort through.

Library Copyright Alliance: Kirtsaeng case threatens library lending
Wiley, a publisher of textbooks and other materials, claims Kirtsaeng infringed its copyrights by re-selling cheaper foreign editions of Wiley textbooks in the U.S. that his family lawfully purchased abroad. The LCA believes an adverse decision in this case could affect libraries’ right to lend books and other materials manufactured abroad.

Dotcom offers deal as bills rocket
He said he would willingly go to the US if he and his co-defendants were given a guarantee of a fair trial, money to pay for a defence and funds to support themselves and their families.

How To Write A Takedown Request Without Running Afoul of the Streisand Effect
Nobody wants a defamatory attack upon them to be read by a hundred times more eyes as a result of their own efforts. No lawyer drafting a cease and desist letter wants to become an internet meme. So how, in an internet culture that birthed the Streisand Effect and Carreon Effect, can you vindicate your rights without making things worse for yourself? How -- as a victim of defamation or copyright infringement, or as the attorney for such a person -- can you send a takedown demand without finding yourself infamous?

The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colors names, and it messed with our brains
In Japan, people often refer to traffic lights as being blue in color. And this is a bit odd, because the traffic signal indicating ‘go’ in Japan is just as green as it is anywhere else in the world. So why is the color getting lost in translation? This visual conundrum has its roots in the history of language.

How to Make a Rape Joke
In case you're not caught up: comedian Daniel Tosh made some rape jokes at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, a female audience member informed him that "rape jokes are never funny," in retribution Tosh said it would be hilarious if she were gang-raped right there in the club, then Twitter went fucking nuts. If you want more information, just google "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH" and click on whatever... Nobody is saying that you can't talk about rape. Just be a fucking decent person about it or relinquish the moral high ground and be okay with making the world worse.

15 Rape Jokes That Work
I am a feminist. I have been raped. And I think the following 15 rape jokes are hilarious. So please fuck all the way the fuck off with your "You just don’t understand comedy" bullshit. (Here’s an alternative proposal: Maybe you just don’t understand being a decent human being.)

Being a skinny is much more unhealthy than being fat -- new study
Jerant and his colleagues, surveying nearly 51,000 Americans of all ages over a period of six years, found that "underweight" BMI was far and away the most dangerous category to be placed in. During the study period, the "underweight" subjects showed a risk of death no less than twice as high as the "normal" participants.

Accidentally Emailing a Nic Cage Picture Won’t Help Your Job Search
Do not keep photos of Nic Cage on your computer, because should you happen to accidentally send one off to the wrong person, they will know that you keep photos of Nic Cage on your computer.

32 Things You Should Never Have To See
Just steer way clear of these and you'll be alright. Trust me.
1. A wall full of Nicolas Cage's face when you wake up...

Making a cross stitch pattern from a digital photo is easy and free!

Tennessee mosque gets go-ahead after legal fight
A US judge has ruled that a Muslim congregation has the right to occupy their newly built mosque, overturning a lower court order... The opponents said Islam was not a real religion...

Seattle men busted at the border with illegal candy
Two Seattle men were recently pinched crossing the Canadian border, but the men weren't carrying guns or drugs -- they were packing illegal candy... Kinder Eggs are banned from the United States because they contain a "non-nutritive object embedded" inside them...

New Federal Ban on Synthetic Drugs Already Obsolete
A federal ban on synthetic drugs, signed into law by President Obama on July 9, was obsolete before the ink of his signature dried. Drug formulations not covered by the law’s language, and almost certainly synthesized in direct response to legal pressure, are already on sale. If synthetics are supposed to be part of the War on Drugs, then this battle may already be lost.

Why Pot Is Illegal Everywhere in the World
Countries can decriminalize marijuana use, but no signatory to the treaty can legalize either use or cultivation...

The 'chemputer' that could print out any drug
When Lee Cronin learned about the concept of 3D printers, he had a brilliant idea: why not turn such a device into a universal chemistry set that could make its own drugs?

Nanoparticle Completely Eradicates Hepatitis C Virus
The nanoparticle, dubbed a nanozyme, consists of a backbone made from gold nanoparticles and a surface with two biological components.

Zoologger: 'Living beach ball' is giant single cell
Shunning the convention that single cells are microscopic, Syringammina is a brute, growing to a width of 10 centimetres -- and sometimes even twice that.

Pyura Chilensis, the living rock
This is not a geode. It's an animal. An apparently delicious animals with clear blood, whose body is accumulates surprisingly large amounts of a rare metal used to strengthen steel.

How tiny wasps cope with being smaller than amoebas
Thrips are tiny insects, typically just a millimetre in length. Some are barely half that size. If that’s how big the adults are, imagine how small a thrips’ egg must be. Now, consider that there are insects that lay their eggs inside the egg of a thrips. That’s one of them in the image above -- the wasp, Megaphragma mymaripenne. It’s pictured next to a Paramecium and an amoeba at the same scale. Even though both these creatures are made up of a single cell, the wasp -- complete with eyes, brain, wings, muscles, guts and genitals -- is actually smaller. At just 200 micrometres (a fifth of a millimetre), this wasp is the third smallest insect alive and a miracle of miniaturisation.

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Date:2012-06-23 13:41

China launches rocket carrying its first female astronaut [taikonaut -- ED]
It might not be a giant step for mankind, but Saturday’s launch of a piloted space capsule known as Shenzhou-9 marks China’s breakthrough into the exclusive club once made up only of the United States and Russia.

FBI ordered to copy over 150TB of Megaupload data in Dotcom case
The ruling comes as a preemptive measure, allowing Dotcom's defense immediate access to the evidence in the event that he is extradited to the US, though whether or not the prosecution will be obligated to share details of the data has yet to be determined.

Scientists find woman who sees 99 million more colors than others
Newcastle University neuroscientist Dr. Gabriele Jordan, recently announced that she has identified a woman who is a "tetrachromat," that is, a woman with the ability to see much greater color depth than the ordinary person... In the average person, there are three types of cones each of which is triggered by different wavelengths of light. However, scientists have long believed that there are people with four cones who can see a wider range of colors than most of us can detect. These persons are called "tetrachromats," and can see a hundred million colors.

'Scary' toilet paper coming soon to a stall near you
For those who enjoy doing their reading in the loo, an English version of a Japanese horror story will soon be available overseas, with the entire novel printed on toilet paper. Billed as "the world’s scariest toilet paper," the roll will feature a horror story written by author Koji Suzuki, who also penned the popular horror novels "Ring" and "Spiral." Appropriately enough, the story on the roll of toilet paper is called "Drop."

Print On Demand Might Come to a Store Near You
A few weeks ago I posted something about in-store print-on-demand machines... I was wrong. There does seem to be a financially viable way for large and mid-sized stores to have an Espresso Book Machine on site. However, it is not based on the business model that I expected...

The Loneliest Whale in the World

How Republicans (and Bruce Dackler) played the internet for a viral win
At the end of the day, when the other side takes it over successfully or not successfully, they're having your conversation on your terms. If a bunch of the left is using "#IWantRepeal" yesterday, I think that's a great success no matter what happened.

Tea Party vs. OWS: The psychology and ideology of responsibility
One of the most robust findings in political psychology is that liberals tend to explain both poverty and wealth in terms of luck and the influence of social forces while conservatives tend to explain poverty and wealth in terms of effort and individual initiative...

Wild 'forest boy' revealed as 20-year-old Dutch hoaxer
A MYSTERIOUS young man who fooled German authorities into believing he had spent years living wild in a forest has been identified as Robin van Helsum, 20, a Dutch runaway believed to have been trying to escape a troubled family life

The tribesman who Facebook friended me
He was a hunter-gatherer from remote Papua New Guinea. And now he was in my feed. How did this happen?

Words matter: Terms that have different meanings for scientists and the public
A table from the article "Communicating the Science of Climate Change,"... There’s a lot to ponder in this table. It strikes me as an important document -- a compilation of one of humanity’s most tragic miscommunications.

Arctic Ocean mega-bloom: Scientists' eyes popped and jaws dropped
The bloom was vast -- a 60- or 70-mile stretch of active plant life... If you had asked NASA scientists last year if they thought such a bloom was possible, Bontempi said, "they would have said no way."

France bans online videos of naughty coppers: Surrenders to the police unions
The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris has ordered French ISPs to block access to a website designed to allow civilians to post videos of alleged police misconduct... Fighting back is not something that French coppers like much as it makes it harder to hit someone.

A wild success and an utter failure
Wikipedia's technology is outdated and egotists have infested the contributor ranks. But it works. Here's a look at the two faces of Wikipedia.

Plumbing the mysteries of Plum Island
A place that's off-limits to most of us was in the news this past week. The federal government announced it has granted a license for a new foot-and-mouth vaccine . . . a vaccine developed at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. With correspondent John Miller we get a rare inside look:

Man Cured of AIDS: ‘I Feel Good’
Brown said he feels guilty being the only person to have been cured of the virus when millions still live with it. But he hopes his story will inspire others that a cure is possible.

The Bradbury Effect > The Amazon Effect
The Amazon Effect is not about living, or creating, or seeing more clearly; it is about power-over, about taking power from people... But what can diminish the Amazon Effect is the Bradbury Effect, is the love of books and words that works like his stir in us...

20 Things Characters In Fantasy Novels Should Do More Often But Don't
This is not a comprehensive list, by a long chalk. And it’s not a list of things that fantasy characters never do. I can think of a few counter-examples. But it’s a start.

The Pirate Bay evades ISP blockade with IPv6, can do it 18 quintillion more times
Unfortunately, as UK and Netherlands ISPs and governments are quickly learning, it’s very easy for The Pirate Bay itself to evade an IP block; it simply has to use another IP address. Presumably, at some point, lobbies, ISPs and governments will grow tired of blocking The Pirate Bay...

Free Anonymous Usenet Downloading With Just a Web Browser
One of the big draws of BitTorrent is that there are few barriers to entry, not least because it’s free to use. There are other downloading options of course, Usenet being one, but it can be a complex and relatively expensive option. However, thanks to a new service, anyone can enjoy simplified newsgroup downloading using just a web browser. Best of all, it’s completely free of charge.

Australian Pirate Party Sets Course for Parliament
...the file-sharing movement has touched down downunder and while it fights for recognition and acceptance, Australia’s capital city presents the party with a unique opportunity to gain seats in a parliament election.

Google reveals 'terrorism video' removals
Google has revealed it removed about 640 videos from YouTube that allegedly promoted terrorism over the second half of 2011 after complaints from the UK's Association of Chief Police Officers.

Economists demonstrate exactly why bank robbery is a bad idea
The typical return on a bank holdup is, "frankly, rubbish."

Someone who moves like you
Now, there are a couple of things you, gentle reader, must know about Julia in order to appreciate what happens next. First, you must understand that, ever since she had been born and maybe even before, Julia had been autistic...

A Roman Gaming Die Circa 2nd Century A.D.
Deep blue-green in color, the large twenty-sided die incised with a distinct symbol on each of its faces. Several polyhedra in various materials with similar symbols are known from the Roman period. Modern scholarship has not yet established the game for which these dice were used.

I wonder if those symbols are recorded somewhere...

The Foreign Language of 'Mad Men'
The show is known for historical accuracy. But do the characters really talk like people from the '60s?

Karl Marx bank cards prove hit in eastern Germany
Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, some eastern Germans are once again carrying round images of Karl Marx - if only in their pockets.

George R.R. Martin Is Worried He’s Not Writing Fast Enough For HBO’s Game Of Thrones
Fans of his work know he’s notoriously slow when it comes to writing, and Martin himself has copped to it, but with the HBO television series now in full swing, there’s a new concern. Will Martin’s novels be finished or will the show catch up before he’s done? Hear what he had to say about it...

Shortages: Fish on the slide
The sea exemplifies the world's on-going failure to govern shared natural resources... globally about 85% of stocks are said to be fully exploited, over-exploited, depleted or slowly recovering.

Asylum-seekers are told:'Go home and lie'
Ruling will decide if Britain is right to expect deportees to protect themselves by dissembling

The Necronomicon-Thin Crust Edition
I made a pizza to look like the Necrinomicon; the book of the dead because I chose to title my blog "the Gastronomicon, the Blog of the Fed" as an omage [sic] to HP Lovecraft, and the Evil Dead movie trilogy. I thought it was clever.

The Story Behind the Iconic Soy Sauce Bottle That Hasn’t Changed in Over 50 Years
You probably take it for granted while dining on sushi or dumplings, but that iconic Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser has been in production since 1961. Its unique shape took three years and over a hundred prototypes to perfect, but the teardrop design and dripless spout have become a staple of restaurant condiments all around the world. Over 300 million of the bottles have been sold since the design was first introduced...

Jesus in Drag
From bigotry to empathy, this is the true story of a conservative Christian attempting to find the answers. And it all begins with two words. "I'm Gay." "In January 2009 I entered the closet a straight man and came out to my friends and family as a gay... This is not a book about being gay. As a straight man I am fundamentally unqualified to write that book. Instead this book is about what I could experience firsthand, and that is to feel for myself how the label of gay would affect both my external and internal life."

Black Like Me, Self-Made Man... here's another...

Why I'm about to be Blocked from Facebook
I'm making myself a target by writing this post. I expect to be report-bombed within a few hours. I wonder if anyone working at Facebook is aware that this kind of thing has been happening... a group devoted to hatred is being allowed to thrive on Facebook, and to organize attacks against individuals based on their political opinions.

Men puzzled by porn that you read
MALES are deeply confused by a new sort of pornography that is both for women and made of words...

Lawsuit between origami enthusiasts unfolds
There's a lawsuit pending though, that could shake up the craft of origami, and the art world in general. Reporter Sanden Totten takes us inside a dispute between and origami maker and a painter.

Drawn To Life: Bringing Heroes to Life
An umbrella organisation through which costumers can gain a blue card and can access events such as ‘Starlight Days’, ‘Movie Premieres’, Childrens Hospital events and other publicity events in costume.

Hooray Superhero CosPlay!

The Chromatic Typewriter
Washington-based painter Tyree Callahan modified a 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter, replacing the letters and keys with color pads and hued labels to create a functional "painting" device...

Star Wars rebooted as a Western, with humanized droids
From the creator of Steampunk Star Wars comes a new reimagining: Western Wars. Sillof has re-imagined classic Star Wars characters as gritty Western ranchers.

The rest of his custom reimagined Star Wars lines are also Full'o'Awesome, as well. Browse around!

and Bat-Cat!

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Date:2012-06-16 19:14

Michigan State Representative Silenced By GOP For Saying ‘Vagina’
Michigan House Republicans blocked a state representative from speaking on the floor on Thursday after she referenced certain parts of female anatomy in a speech on an abortion bill. "Finally, Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina..."

Study predicts imminent irreversible planetary collapse
Earth’s accelerating loss of biodiversity, its climate's increasingly extreme fluctuations, its ecosystems’ growing connectedness and its radically changing total energy budget are precursors to reaching a planetary state threshold or tipping point.

Global Disappointment in Obama Actually Rational, unlike in US (Pew)
The Pew Charitable Trust Global Attitudes Survey finds that most publics abroad have experienced substantial disappointment in Barack Obama. Indeed, Middle Eastern Muslims are hoping Obama will be defeated next November. But, the rest of the world isn’t experiencing buyers’ remorse about Obama for the same reasons as the American public. Not even.

Pure ecstasy 'safe' when taken responsibly - top health official
A top health official says taking pure ecstasy can be safe when consumed responsibly by adults, despite warnings by police about the dangers of the street drug after a rash of deaths.

Tea Party Owes More to the Church of Satan Than to Jesus
The same person who inspired the fiscal principles that are held so dear by the fundamentalist-infused tea party also served as patron saint to the Church of Satan. In light of this, one must wonder: How on earth do so many Christians feel so at home within the tea party's ranks?

Japanese Para-Athlete Makes Nude Calendar To Fund Trip To London Olympics
Maya Nakanishi, a track star who lost her leg when she was struck by a steel beam, is selling this calendar to help get her to this summer's Paralympics in London...

Gina Blooming Rinehart
I'm going to do something I normally wouldn't. I'm going to pick on a public figure (female) for their appearance. Why? To highlight the eerie absence of any MSM commentary on same...

Thanks, Chicago Police, For Protecting Us From the Menace of Pregnant Women Running Loose!
...after Rent informed the officers she was eight months pregnant and ripped up the ticket... they tased her... in the chest...

How the IPA feeds kids lies about climate change
The Institute of Public Affairs, a lobby group funded by big business, miners and the tobacco industry, is sending schools misleading and inaccurate books about climate change...

What the Bible Says about Abortion
...if you are a serious Bible-believer, you have here, in inspired black and white, God not only approving of an abortion, but giving instructions on how to perform it. Remember, this is not a one-time thing. It's a standard procedure...

Why I perform abortions: A Christian obstetrician explains his choice
It’s the individual stories of the women who came to him that made him see things that way, he says. He now views the abortion debate through the prism of their particular realities. Ironically, it’s the lack of access to abortion care that often pushes women to have abortions later in pregnancy...

76 Things Banned in Leviticus
Here’s chapter and verse on a more-or-less comprehensive list of things banned in the Leviticus book of the bible. A decent number of them are punishable by death.

Elliott Carter, 103, Has World Premiere, Ponders Hitler, Romney
La Cote Basque, now sadly closed. I took Igor Stravinsky and his wife there. We got a table in the middle of the room, speaking French, and a man came in, and said in rather good French, "will the maestro please give me an autograph?" Stravinsky said "Certainly not." His wife did a great deal of talking in Russian and finally he agreed, but took forever to write out his name. The man waited and waited and by this point the whole room was watching. Finally Stravinsky was done and the man thanked him and walked away. We asked Stravinsky if he knew who he was and he said, "Certainly, I see him on television all the time." The man was Frank Sinatra.

‘Leave it to me’: Rick Wakeman’s genius first-take contribution to Bowie’s "Space Oddity"
Wakeman, then an unknown, had been invited to add a Mellotron part of the song, but showed up late -- after most of the mixing had already been completed. Wakeman proceeded to compose the song’s memorable keyboard signature on the spot, and to perform it in a brilliant first take.

What an Artist Really Gets Paid, Continued...
Every once in a while, an artist opens their books for the world to see. The following measures one full album play on Spotify, one LP purchase, etc... Spotify offers far less transparency than iTunes or Amazon on its payouts... Here's the complete breakdown...

They pay brisk money for this crap?
...in 1953, detective novelist Raymond Chandler takes a break, and parodies science fiction writing -- a genre which, judging by the letter's final sentence in particular, he had little time for. Also amusing is the appearance of something, or someone, named "Google" all those years ago.

Lord Dunsany Discovers Lovecraft
...some side-ventures and unexpected factoids that I've come across in my studies, such as when Lord Dunsany discovered something of Lovecraft...

Star Consciousness: An Alternative to Dark Matter
As an alternative to the Dark Matter hypothesis, a idea first presented by author Olaf Stapledon is developed in this paper. Stars are considered to be conscious entities maintaining their galactic position by their volition. It is shown that directed stellar radiation pressure and stellar winds are insufficient to account for this anomalous stellar velocity...

Mystery galaxy is older and more aggressive than expected
New observations show a galaxy formed 1.1 billion years after the Big Bang.

Are These The Universe’s First Objects?
NASA scientists have isolated an ethereal glow permeating parts of the sky that may be the remnants of the earliest objects in the universe. The glow is thought to be from the first stars that formed in the universe, some 13 billion years ago, shortly after the theorized "Big Bang" some 13.7 billion years ago.

Famous Cave Paintings Might Not Be From Humans
The famous paintings on the walls of caves in Europe mark the beginning of figurative art and a great leap forward for human culture. But now a novel method of determining the age of some of those cave paintings questions their provenance. Not that they're fakes -- only that it might not have been modern humans who made them. "What we are saying is that we must entertain the possibility that these paintings were made by Neanderthals,"

Students assigned to cheat on exam use doctored Little Brother cover and many other clever methods
The article describes how the students all completed the exam (they all cheated successfully), which required them to provide the first 100 digits of pi, with only 24h to prepare...

8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides
There are stories every day about some rescuer heroically stopping a suicide attempt -- breaking down a door, scooping someone off a ledge or cutting a noose down with a ninja star. But sometimes there's no strapping fireman or hero cop or friendly ninja, just one little silly thing between life and death.

6 Movie and TV Universes That Overlap in Mind-blowing Ways
Remember that time we told you about the most random celebrity duos who started out together, like George Romero and Mister Rogers or Jon Stewart and Anthony Weiner? Imagine, if you will, the same thing, only with fictional characters.

Apple Inc.: How does Apple keep secrets so well?
Surely it would be so simple to let something slip about, say, the iPhone 5... How do they keep secrets so well? Process? Culture?

It all began with a strange email...
Starting from today, I shall be committing to this blog weekly reports on our projects, experiences and ideas regarding Valve’s various social ‘economies’.

Super creepy Pokémon hack
I stumbled on this unsettling story of an obscure Pokémon bootleg/art-hack that I thought might be neat to share on here. I think this originated from 4chan, so I’ve no idea if this hack actually exists. It probably doesn’t, but it’s still a great concept/tale!

How to Talk to Human Beings
I hesitate to say everyone should have a child, because becoming a parent is an intensely personal choice. I try my best to avoid evangelizing the experience, but the deeper in I get, the more I believe that nothing captures the continued absurdity of the human condition better than having a child does...

Female Clown Porn Pioneer Goes Through Chemo. Also, Clown Porn Is a Thing.
Her story -- in an inappropriate contrast to clown porn being fucking hilarious -- is truly heartbreaking...

Brian's home is his castle
Master craftsman Brian Rumble's home is his castle. Literally. Perched on four hectares in Waterford, west of Beenleigh, Brian started work on Rumble Castle in 1985 and says it took around 4 years to complete.

New festival bans money on site
Currency cannot be used on the site. Visitors are asked to bring three days worth of food and supplies and no food or goods will be sold at the event. Guests can also build their own home - including building the furniture - within the camping village. Creative collaborations between guests will be encouraged.

The Oxford English Fictionary
Defining words that aren't real. Yet

Occupy Small Street
a new model army - a small protest - the revolution will not be human-sized

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Date:2012-06-15 15:38

FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages
I've annotated the letter below as well as outlined how I'm going to deal with this.

FunnyJunk's bewildered lawyer: "I'm completely unfamiliar really with this style of responding to a legal threat"
This act of monumental chutzpah ("You want ME to pay YOU $20,000 for hosting MY unlicensed comics on your shitty website for the past three years?") was matched by Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman's response: to promise to raise $20,000 for cancer charities, but before it was turned over to them, to photograph himself standing astride the pile of money and forward this photo, along with a cartoon depicting Funnyjunk's lawyer's mother trying to seduce a bear, to FunnyJunk and its counsel.

Dear The Internet, This Is Why You Can't Have Anything Nice
Anita Sarkeesian's project to expose stereotypes in video games attracts a maelstrom of hate.

Kickstarter Video Project Attracts Misogynist Horde
The YouTube community's response to the Tropes Vs Women Kickstarter project has been enthusiastically vile...

If you have some disposable cash, that kickstarter again: Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.

Soap maker busted in cage filled with hemp
David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps of Escondido, was arrested Monday near the White House after firefighters cut him out of a steel cage. Bronner had locked himself into the cage along with a dozen industrial hemp plants growing in pots to protest the federal government’s policy that prevent U.S. farmers from growing the crop.

Stop Saying the Miami Cannibal Was on Bath Salts
So not only are they conflating two non-related drugs, they are connecting this "new LSD" with cannibalism, which has since been echoed in the countless headlines of major, local and even seemingly progressive media outlets. And while most reports qualify their statements with something along the lines of "experts say" or "according to officials," none of them bother to mention that this accusation is completely unfounded and that people have been committing gruesome and often unexplainable crimes long before bath salts showed up to the party.

'Zombie bullets' fly off US shelves after wave of undead attacks
Special ammunition optimised for fighting zombies is selling like hot cakes in the USA, according to reports, following sensational media coverage of incidents involving flesh-eating and similar undead-esque behaviour.

Banks, Parliamentary Committees and the little person
Australian Senate Committee members have no desire to discover how hundreds of BankWest customers could be forcibly defaulted in the twinking of an eye, as that would involve opening a Pandora’s Box that they would much rather keep firmly shut..

How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’
[Norway's] high level of freedom and broadly-shared prosperity began when workers and farmers, along with middle class allies, waged a nonviolent struggle that empowered the people to govern for the common good.

HBO admits Game Of Thrones Bush blunder
HBO and the executive producers of Game Of Thrones owned up and apologised on Wednesday for showing a model of President George W Bush's head appearing on a spike in season 1 of the fantasy TV series

‘Game of Thrones’ Director Explains All the Rampant Nudity
While yes, it’s true that ‘Game of Thrones’ usually features a heaping helping of nudity, sometimes both male and female (curiously no Emilia Clarke this season), not every director wills it so. In fact, it probably won’t surprise you to learn who’s really pulling the bikini strings...

City block-sized asteroid will pass near Earth tonight
Thankfully, there's no danger of the up to 2,300 foot wide rock smashing into us, but astronomers are excited that it will pass within 3.35 million miles of Earth

Say hi to what could soon be the biggest domestic cat ever
Weighing in at a staggering 20 pounds, the feline is only 2 years old and is expected to pack on another 11 pounds before he's fully grown, which would make him one of the world's biggest cats.

Kogan imposes world's first Internet Explorer 7 tax
Shoppers who stick with IE7 to purchase products on the recently updated Kogan website will be slugged an additional 6.8 per cent.

'Civ' creator surprised gamer played for a decade
The grim future predicted in a video game that's been played for 10 years has surprised even the game's original creator. "Civilization" mastermind Sid Meier says that he never fathomed someone would play the 1996 society simulator "Civilization II" for 10 years, or that it could result in melted polar ice caps and 90 percent of the virtual world's population dead by the year 3991.

German police release photo of mystery 'forest boy'
English-speaking teenager arrived in Berlin nine months ago saying he had been living wild and both his parents were dead

What Happened Last Night
Unlike 35mm film prints that are tangible, DCPs are files that are ingested into the digital projector.. each DCP comes with what is called a KDM (Key Delivery Message). The KDM unlocks the content of the file and allows the cinema to play the film. When it is a problem we have what happened last night...

Claudio Morais asks: "Why is the ebook version not made available worldwide considering there are no physical constraints that may apply for the hardcopy version?"
This question gets asked all the time. Not surprising, since it is in fact a perverse outcome of inputs which, considered individually, don’t necessarily seem perverse...

Amazon’s markup of digital delivery to indie authors is ~129,000%
This post is about the where the sales of the book are coming from, and why Amazon takes 48% of digital book sales. Surprising eh? I thought Amazon was the BEST for indie authors, right? We will get into that later...

So Your Book Just Got Edited...
Enough people made vaguely interested noises in the editing process that I thought I’d talk about it a bit. It’s definitely the tedious, grim, discouraging bit of the process, but it occurs to me that you, O Prospective Author, may find it even more traumatic if nobody tells you what to expect...

The Eternal Lorem Ipsum
If you've studied design at all, you've probably encountered Lorem Ipsum placeholder text at some point...

'The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever' Made Even Harder
The process of making a famous problem in logic even harder reveals fascinating insights into the relationship between logic and language

Sir Christopher Lee returns to Hammer films
Sir Christopher Lee is set to star in a new "Hammer horror" film for the first time in more than 30 years.

Someone went and built a Portal minigolf course
Wyatt built Arduino-controlled turrets that stop incoming balls, a hole recreating the game's namesake portals, and "The Aperture Science Companion Sphere Incinerator."

One teacher’s approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom
"It’s Okay to be Neither," By Melissa Bollow Tempel

Your Honor I am a Living Being?
If I was to go to court and I said "Your Honor I am a Living Being. The Flesh lives and the blood flows.? I ask humbly for Remedy!" What happens?

Strange. I've done some searching on this: the legal folk dismiss it outright, and those advocating for it seem unwilling to actually explain what they think this means, or the context...

Best story book ever
I WANT MY HAT BACK, by Jon Klassen

IT TOTALLY IS!!! Well, apart from

The Doctor Wants His Fez Back
The Internet has been abuzz about the children’s book I Want My Hat Back for a little while, and a few parodies of the story have emerged. Our favorite parody, of course, is the Doctor Who one where Matt Smith wants his fez back. Read on below for the whimsical tale of fezes and Stetsons, with many of your favorite characters making an appearance, including who seems to be Vincent Van Gogh, and everyone’s favorite roommate, Craig.

and Prometheus Species Origin

A breeding chart

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Date:2012-06-09 12:16

Prosecutors: We can’t produce MegaUpload evidence
An attorney attempting to facilitate a U.S. extradition request for MegaUpload.com founder Kim Dotcom told a New Zeland judge this week that the prosecution cannot produce evidence against the defendant in a timely manner because his company’s servers are simply "too big."...

Dotcom info not 'physical'
FBI agents who copied data from Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's computers and took it overseas were not acting illegally because information isn't "physical material", the Crown says.


The case for piracy
But what's the other side of the story? Could it possibly be that copyright infringers and pirates aren't always the bad guys? Are copyright owners their own worst enemy?

FMG imposes "apartheid-like" rules on Yindjibarndi visits to country
Having acquired a limited right to mine in Yindjibarndi country, Fortescue Metals Group is now demanding that Yindjibarndi people stay out of their traditional country and apply to FMG ‘managers’ for permission in writing to enter.

China Forbids International Tourism to Tibet Indefinitely
In a matter of days, the number of expected foreign visitors to Tibet has gone from millions to zero. Chinese authorities alerted foreign travel agencies Tuesday that they would no longer be issuing entry permits to Tibet, the latest in a series of regulations being put on travelers to Tibet. The announcement follows the self-immolation of two Tibetans last week.

Pardoning the Breaker?
Whenever the Boer War is mentioned, the first thing many Australians think about is the 27 February 1902 execution by firing squad of Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant and Peter Handcock. 110 years after his execution, there is a move to have Morant pardoned. History editor Dr Glenn Davies reflects on the arguments for his innocence or guilt.

'Old Queens' stage alternative diamond jubilee celebration
Sisters and Brothers of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence gather in Edinburgh to mark six decades of gay liberation

Are you sick of highly-paid teachers?
Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work nine or ten months a year! It's time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do -- babysit! We can get that for less than minimum wage. That's right. Let's give them $3.00 an hour...

Damn, that one's good...

Children warned name of first pet should contain 8 characters and a digit
Popular pet names Rover, Cheryl and Kate could be a thing of the past. Banks are now advising parents to think carefully before naming their child’s first pet. For security reasons, the chosen name should have at least eight characters, a capital letter and a digit. It should not be the same as the name of any previous pet, and must never be written down, especially on a collar as that is the first place anyone would look. Ideally, children should consider changing the name of their pet every 12 weeks... We tried to call Barclays’ security expert R0b Ste!nway for a comment, but he was not available for 24 hours, having answered his phone incorrectly three times in succession...

The Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement
The corporate media may obsess about what Occupy Wall Street is all about, but these images should make it clear.

Open Letter to Ridley Scott
I have just returned from seeing your new film, Prometheus, and I would like my money back, please...

Prometheus Unbound: What The Movie Was Actually About
This blogpost contains many and frequent spoilers for Prometheus, so if you're planning on seeing it, I recommend you don't spoil yourself.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri: Superhero Saints
For his series of sculptures titled Hagiographies, Palminteri transformed statues of saints, purchased in the street markets of Palermo, into superheroes by repainting the sacred works with bright acrylic paint, masking their faces and converting their traditional robes into capes and superhero garb bearing their recognizable symbols...

NASA gets two military spy telescopes for astronomy
The secretive government agency that flies spy satellites has made a stunning gift to NASA: two exquisite telescopes as big and powerful as the Hubble Space Telescope. They’ve never left the ground and are in storage

Computer Security: Enormous Twitter Attack
I have notified the Web hosts that play into this scheme of the sites, to no effect. The GoDaddy redirector that first tipped me off is still active, after days and repeated emails to GoDaddy...

Our first inbound email via IPv6 (was spam!)
In preparation for the World IPv6 Launch, inbound (SMTP) email to the comcast.net domain was IPv6-enabled today, June 5, 2012, at 9:34 UTC. Roughly one minute later, at 9:35:30 UTC we received our first inbound email over IPv6 from 2001:4ba0:fff4:1c::2. That first bit of mail was spam..

Dawn's early light for computer science
To all intents and purposes, he published in 1617 a complete algorithmic description of how to perform binary arithmetic...

Good to see John Napier getting some love.

Mobile tactile tech gets physical
Essentially, Tactus has created a Tactile Layer component that generates a haptic user interface (UI) with real physical buttons, guidelines, and shapes which rise out of the surface from any touchscreen...

'No signal' from targeted ET hunt
The hunt for other intelligent civilisations has a new technique in its arsenal, but its first use has turned up no signs of alien broadcasts...

Scientists Find Truth in "Mad Scientist" Stereotype: There Is a Link between Genius and Insanity
Genius and insanity may actually go together, according to scientists who found that mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are often found in highly creative and intelligent people...

Beware the Pedtextrian
Toronto Police Traffic Services kicked off a public safety awareness campaign Tuesday about the dangers of distracted walking.

10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know Before She Turns 10
I feel ever more aware of her girlhood and looming adolescence, and of all the things I want her to know, as if I could somehow instill values and beliefs into her, like pressing a penny into soft clay...

So It Turns Out We Weren’t Really Sure How The Morning After Pill Works
According to studies done before Plan B, the first of the morning after pills, was approved by the FDA, Plan B did not keep fertilized eggs from attaching to cultured layers of uterine cells, and more recent scientific studies have disproved the "works by preventing implantation" theory definitively. What the drug actually does, conclusively, is delay ovulation...

10 Strangest Uses For Sex Dolls
Sex dolls are created for sexual pleasure, but sometimes people have other ideas. Check out ten incredibly strange (and often hilarious) ways that people have used love dolls to suit their needs...

Hairy Panties
Finland-based offbeat fashion company Nutty Tarts have created Hairy Panties, white women’s hipster-style underwear screenprinted with black pubic hair. Their tagline reads: "If you are fed up with bald beavers, this is the answer!"...

FAQ: What size bra should I buy for my mega masturbator?
Pipedream Extreme Toys currently offers 3 mega masturbators featuring realistic breasts. Now that they are rising in popularity around the world, boob & lingerie fetishists from the U.S. and beyond are writing in to us asking about bra sizing for the mega masturbators with breasts...

o_O Um...

Tip for modern adulterers
If you’re planning to cheat on your wife of 10 years by awkwardly hitting on the model seated next to you on your flight out of Los Angeles, make sure she isn’t live-tweeting the entire miserable experience to her 13,000 followers

Study Finds Female-Name Chat Users Get 25 Times More Malicious Messages
A study by the University of Maryland found that chatroom participants with female usernames received 25 times more threatening and/or sexually explicit private messages than those with male or ambiguous usernames...

This needs to stop--and let me tell you why!
But if a martial artist who is also a contortionist can’t mimic a pose you use constantly for female fighters, there might be a problem in, you know, your choices on basic anatomy...

Ten Bits of Advice Writers Should Stop Giving Aspiring Writers
Lots of these sorts of things going around lately. Some of them are even quite good, but they do tend to be of a type. To those interested in starving better (now a likely Stoker nominee) I've said most of what I've had to say, but here are a few things for writers in the advice game.

5 Creepy Forms of Mind Control You're Exposed to Daily
We know what you're thinking: You're far too cynical to fall for the ads you fast forward through on your DVR or the little tricks employed by marketers and politicians to push your subconscious buttons. But are you sure? Because science has found...

Mitt Romney Addresses Cthulhu And Other Supporters At A R'lyeh Fundraiser
Mr. Cthulhu, Old Ones, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished shoggoths... Thanks for inviting me!

If Charles Schulz had Invented Doctor Who instead of Peanuts
Peanuts meets Lovecraft

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Date:2012-06-06 23:48

Linkfrenzy is over at Dreamwidth tonight, because one of the links is on Livejournal's blacklist, and I'm too tired to work out which one it is, right now.

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Date:2012-06-05 23:15

Which major Australian capital city daily newspaper left in a whole page of Lorem ipsum?
Rhymes with Faily Smellograph.

War being prepared against China behind the backs of the Australian people
It has been revealed in The Australian newspaper that the 2009 Defence White Paper "Force 2030" included a secret chapter that planned for Australia to fight alongside the U.S. to enforce a naval blockade of crucial sea lanes and how in return Australia might be faced with retaliatory attacks by China on our ports, mines and strategic targets like the U.S. Pine Gap military base. It also reveals that this potential conflict was the reason that the White Paper committed Australia to purchasing tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment...

Fake police officer works undetected
A major investigation is underway into a security breach in which a man allegedly posed as a police officer at the Perth Watch House.

Zombie Apocalypse: CDC Denies Existence Of Zombies Despite Cannibal Incidents
The horrific face-eating arrest in Miami and several other seemingly subhuman acts has many people wondering what's behind this flesh-munching wave of terror... Over the years the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a couple of tongue-in-cheek "zombie warnings," which really are just disaster-preparedness stunts. But on Thursday, the agency made it official: Zombies don't exist.

Officially Official - CDC: There Is No Zombie Apocalypse
"CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms),"

It's Bigger Than "Bath Salts" and "Zombie Apocalypses"
...once you finish with the jokes, look into the lives of both men and dig deeper into the city they call(ed) home, some stuff just stops being funny and starts being sad...

Fake zombie attacks Miami residents
Days after the city of Miami was put on edge by a violent cannibal attack likened to a zombie apocalypse, a prankster has taken advantage of the climate of fear.

Library Of The Living Dead Becomes Viral Comic Hit
A free comic teaching new library users how to use their system, using the narrative device of a zombie attack has, well, extended a little outside its intended audience.

Unjust legal saga continues for Assange
On the eve of the judgement, Sweden's leading morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter, known as DN, interviewed investigative journalist John Pilger, who has closely followed the Assange case. The following is the complete text of the interview, of which only a fraction was published in Sweden...

Republican spokesman: ‘Let's hurl some acid' at female Democratic senators
"These comments are simply unprofessional and should never cross the lips of a Congressional spokesman."

Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman: 'Let's Hurl Some Acid At Those Female Democratic Senators'
In an ironic twist, Townsend also maintains a Facebook page called "How to Run for Public Office" offering free "campaign and communications tips."

Conservatives Attack Scientific Findings About Why They Hate Science (Helping to Confirm the Science)
Some would like to dismiss the inconvenient findings about the political right, but the science won’t let them.

Damn Reality and its tricksy and deceitful liberal bias!

What To Do When Attacked by Pirates
The music industry fought the future and created a black market; book publishers tried another tack... Publishers face many challenges today... But as one industry executive wryly observed to me after ticking off a list of his industry's perils, "at least we're not self-immolators."

Australians named worst Game of Thrones pirates
Sydney and Melbourne among worst offenders: Content delay excuse given for piracy

PIC: The Pirate Bay Gift Card
File:Pirate bay gift card.svg
That's right! You can make use of this gift card for the whopping price of FREE! Enjoy your service!

The Mechanics and Meaning of That Ol' Dial-Up Modem Sound
Of all the noises that my children will not understand, the one that is nearest to my heart is not from a song or a television show or a jingle. It's the sound of a modem connecting with another modem across the repurposed telephone infrastructure. It was the noise of being part of the beginning of the Internet.

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study
Among a fringe community of paranoids, aluminum helmets serve as the protective measure of choice against invasive radio signals. We investigate the efficacy of three aluminum helmet designs on a sample group of four individuals. Using a $250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified. These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use according to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Statistical evidence suggests the use of helmets may in fact enhance the government's invasive abilities. We speculate that the government may in fact have started the helmet craze for this reason.

Sexual Experience Promotes Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus Despite an Initial Elevation in Stress Hormones
Chronic sexual experience no longer produced an increase in corticosterone levels but continued to promote adult neurogenesis and stimulate the growth of dendritic spines and dendritic architecture. Chronic sexual experience also reduced anxiety-like behavior. These findings suggest that a rewarding experience not only buffers against the deleterious actions of early elevated glucocorticoids but actually promotes neuronal growth and reduces anxiety.

Ack! Quick... need... neurogenetic.. dendritic... spines... help... me...

Men as horndogs and the problem with sex research
For reasons that I suggest are political, conservative and pretty damn embarrassing, both men and women frequently repeat the tale of men pestering for sex and women doling menstrual and headache excuses. It's told and retold so that everyone's role in our little gender regatta gets played... I'm going to suggest, statistically, that for every sex-starved bloke, there's a sex-starved wife. Violins rarely play for her though. Because ours is a culture notoriously uninterested in talking about women's sexual appetites.

Hmm. Apparently there's a rule-of-thumb called the Rule Of Three. Goodness, I wish someone had told me that many decades ago...

Keep it to yourself
When it comes to infidelity, I'm firmly in the camp of "what they don't know, won't hurt them" - not because I condone cheating on your partner but, if you're piss-weak enough to do it, don't then dump the pain on to your other half.

Man Goes To Hospital For Kidney Stone, Finds Out He’s A Woman
"The nurse is reading the ultrasound and says, ‘Huh, this says you’re a female,’ Crecelius said. "It was very liberating."

Chocolate bar as an incentive did not increase response rate among physiotherapists: a randomised controlled trial
Background: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of a small incentive, a bar of dark chocolate, on response rate in a study of physiotherapy performance in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
Conclusion: A bar of dark chocolate did not increase response rate in a prospective study of physiotherapy performance. Stronger incentives than chocolate seem to be necessary to increase the response rate among professionals who are asked to report about their practice.

Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America’s first sustained use of cyberweapons, according to participants in the program.

"Flame" malware was signed by rogue Microsoft certificate
Emergency Windows update nukes credentials minted by Terminal Services bug. Microsoft released an emergency Windows update on Sunday after revealing that one of its trusted digital signatures was being abused to certify the validity of the Flame malware that has infected computers in Iran and other Middle Eastern Countries. "This is a pretty big goof"...

"Goof". Yeah. Right.

Was Flame virus that invaded Iran's computer networks made in USA?
As the United Nations and Iran warn that the newly discovered Flame computer virus may be the most potent weapon of its kind, U.S. computer security experts tell NBC News that the virus bears the hallmarks of a U.S. cyber espionage operation, specifically that of the super-secret National Security Agency.

Behind the US/Israeli Cyberattacks on Iran
Much has been written about Stuxnet, which, remains a threat beyond Iran. But the Times account, based on interviews with unnamed U.S. and Israeli officials, is the most extensive account to date of U.S. cyberwarfare capabilities. Here’s our cheat sheet on what’s new and the fallout... American cybersecurity experts have long warned that it’s only a matter of time before someone turns an equally destructive cyberweapon on our own systems. Now that Stuxnet’s origins are clear, the odds of that happening might be even higher.

How Obama Was Dangerously Naive About STUXNET and Cyberwarfare
A Times exposé suggests that the White House failed to consider how our own cyberweapons would be used against us.

Ashes to Ashes
So Major Tom thought he was starring in an Arthur C Clarke story and found himself in a Philip K Dick one by mistake, and the result is oddly magnificent. Why is Bowie doing this? To kill off the 1970s, like everyone else was trying to...

Oldest and Fatherless: The Terrible Secret of Tom Bombadil
Old Tom Bombadil. Possibly the least liked character in The Lord of the Rings. A childish figure so disliked by fans of the book that few object to his absence from all adaptations of the story. And yet, there is another way of looking at Bombadil, based only on what appears in the book itself, that paints a very different picture of this figure of fun.

Meanwhile, in Japan...
This man is Haruka Nishimatsu... Not all heros wear capes...

The return of the evil spelling test
The proofreader’s sense that "something is wrong at this location" is a genuinely weird phenomenon. People who have a serious case of it will "feel" a typo go past when they’re riffling through pages too fast to be reading them. They’ll gradually sense the presence of a typo in their peripheral vision -- for example, in the small print on a poster located eight feet up on the opposite wall, when they’re concentrating on reading something right in front of them.* When they’re proofreading, sometimes the typos on the next page will "light up" as soon as they turn the page. They’ll still methodically read that page against the setting copy, but there’s a good chance that the typos they saw in that first moment will be the only ones on the page.

Speaking from personal experience, this is all true.

10 Weirdest Ways That Ancient Rulers Died
One of the most shocking things about Game of Thrones is the brutal and often bizarre ways that the nobles and princes kick the bucket -- but George R.R. Martin's horrifying story is pretty close to historical realism.

We will not go into Wenceslaus the Third.... unlike the spear...

Sixteen Things Calvin and Hobbes Said Better Than Anyone Else
Hobbes and Bacon: 26 Years Later

Darwin's Ghosts
Before 'Origin of Species', many European and Arabic thinkers had outlined the principles of natural selection...

Many giants' shoulders listed, alomg with the obligatory "Wallace was largely forgotten" reminder.

Shouryya Ray Solution to 350-year-old Issac Newton Puzzle on Search by Physicists
Shouryya Ray caught the attention of physicists and mathematicians all over the world when it was reported that he finally cracked and solved the 350-year-old Isaac Newton puzzle.

What You Hate Most About Waiting in Line (It’s not the length of the wait.)
Larson says he was once at a queuing theory conference where the hotel checkout line became quite long and was populated mainly by queuing theorists. "We insisted on forming our own serpentine line,"...

32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww
40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Iron Sky Concept Art by Jussi Lehtiniemi
Concept artist and illustrator Jussi Lehtiniemi has posted some great concept art he created for Iron Sky. Jussi joined the production in 2007 when he was commissioned to do concept art for the first teaser...

Sadly, they moved away from the original beautiful clean Haunebu designs they were using in the Teaser, but the influence is still there in what made it to screen.

Concept Art: The Live Action Movie Batmobile You’ll Never See -- Designed By H.R. Giger
Of course Warner Brothers rejected Giger’s concept and went for the straightforward phallic Batmobile designed by Harald Belker that did make it on to the big screen.

Enigma/Paper Enigma
Although the Enigma cipher as a whole is quite complex (it's complexity is comparable to modern cryptographic algorithms) the individual transformations within it are relatively simple. In fact, they are simple enough that you can decipher an Enigma message with just a paper model.

This. Is. Awesome.

and Judge sides with Darth Vader, dismisses parking ticket

Ths is not the perp you're looking for.

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Date:2012-05-30 22:53

Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can't See| On Seeing Reddish Green and Yellowish Blue
Vision research over the past 30 years has gradually proven that forbidden colors -- reddish green and yellowish blue -- are real, though some scientists still don't believe it.

Security researcher: I found secret reprogramming backdoors in Chinese microprocessors
Sergei Skorobogatov, a postdoc in the Security Group at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge has written up claims that reprogammable microchips from China contained secret back-doors that can be used to covertly insert code:

'Dirk Gently' axed by BBC Four, confirms star Stephen Mangan
The comedy drama - based on the Douglas Adams novels - began with a pilot episode in 2010, with three hour-long episodes following in March this year.

The Zombie Network: Beware 'Free Public WiFi'
It's in your airports, your coffee shops and your libraries: "Free Public WiFi." Despite its enticing name, the network, available in thousands of locations across the United States, does not actually provide access to the Internet. But like a virus, it has spread -- and may even be lurking on your computer right now.

This is a repost, but a damned fascinating one!

World's first heterosexual lolly launched
ICE lolly manufacturers have responded to demand for a product that in no way resembles a cawk. The Grit Block was created in response to male heterosexuals who wanted to enjoy a lolly without feeling they were basically eating a p3n1s. The new product is a grey cube on a stick, with embedded gravel for a ‘more manly flavour’...

Don’t Worry, These Are Not Community’s New Showrunners
This is a parody account. A parody account that is run by someone who may or may not actually work in television...

Why We Lie
...a man lost his bike outside his synagogue and goes to his rabbi for advice. "Next week come to services, sit in the front row," the rabbi tells the man, "and when we recite the Ten Commandments, turn around and look at the people behind you. When we get to 'Thou shalt not steal,' see who can't look you in the eyes. That's your guy." After the next service, the rabbi is curious to learn whether his advice panned out. "So, did it work?" he asks the man. "Like a charm," the man answers. "The moment we got to 'Thou shalt not commit adultery,' I remembered where I left my bike."

Julian Assange loses appeal, now he faces extradition to Sweden
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has lost his final appeal in a British court and faces extradition to Sweden where he is accused of rape and sexual assault.

Arse. Should be tried in Geneva, given Sweden's politically compomised itself.

How Google Can Beat Facebook Without Google Plus
Look, Google, we've got a plan to help you win on social. There's only one catch: You have to give up on the notion that animates Google Plus... So, yes, use Google Plus as the social spine. Satisfy the corporate imperative to "understand" me and my web of connections. But now Google should concentrate on fostering the nascent but largely invisible communities it already has. Build them the tools they what they want to help them share. Don't mess up the networks they put in place. Watch what they're doing and double down on helping other people find it.

Sheila Jeffreys, RadFem2012 and the imaginary trans conspiracy
For those not in the know, in July a conference entitled RadFem2012 is supposed to be happening, with headline speaker radical feminist--and noted transphobe--Sheila Jeffreys. The conference is open only to "women born women living as women", a clunky way of saying "no trans people"... We are in the majority, we who reject transphobia. We must continue to be vocal in our rejection of this dated and frightening rhetoric.

Grazing Giraffes on Parliament Lawns: The Following is Detailed Instructions in Matters of Crime
There are a range of state and federal laws which regulate livestock in Australia. Livestock, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary are animals kept and raised for pleasure, in particular for profit. Whatever is true in the various laws, it is absolutely not permitted to graze livestock on parliament house lawns. It is a crime. So here are detailed instructions, with images, on how to do just that. These are detailed instructions in matters of crime. This page is therefore either banned, or should be banned, under Australia’s national classification and censorship laws.

Per the fact that the previously alluded-to website contains detailed instructions in matters of crime, I cannot legally provide a link. (They also have t-shirts!)

Spectres dans la ville, arc-en-ciel abstraits de papiers...
Ces installations urbaines, éphémères et non dégradantes, composées de centaines de pliages en origamis apparaissent dans la ville de manière ultra visible et incontournable, de par leur surface mais surtout leur couleur vive. Cette série m’a entre autre été inspirée par mon année au Japon et par les événements marquants du 11 mars 2011 qui provoquèrent entre autre l’explosion de la centrale de Fukushima alors que j’étais encore là-bas. Suite à ces événements puis quelques lecture, je décidai de participer à ma manière à l’hommage rendu depuis des décennies à Sadako Sasaki et d’ajouter à cela ma considération pour le peuple nippon...

'Tudor era' is misleading myth, says Oxford historian
The idea of a "Tudor era" in history is a misleading invention, claims an Oxford University historian.

The moon: look but don't touch, says Nasa
The space agency issues guidelines to safeguard the heritage of lunar exploration, but can it really expect full compliance?

Professional Author Fanfic Policies
The following lists are not exhaustive but do attempt to list the publicly stated positions of authors and creators who have earned fannish attention.

Errors vs. Bugs and the End of Stupidity
"A pianist has to be kind of schizophrenic. You have to believe in telekinesis. You have to believe you have the power to move your fingers with your mind."... Once you start to think of mistakes as deterministic rather than random, as caused by "bugs" (incorrect understanding or incorrect procedures) rather than random inaccuracy, a curious thing happens. You stop thinking of people as "stupid."...

6 Eerily Specific Inventions Predicted in Science Fiction
Science fiction is by far the nerdiest of the fictions, and its bread and butter consists of robot uprisings and unexpected time travel consequences. But for every Martian invasion and robocop-related mishap it has warned about, science fiction has made some stunningly accurate premonitions. We're not talking about broad predictions, like "thinking machines" or "interplanetary travel." That stuff's easy. It's the weirdly specific prophecies that impress us.

5 Deadly Sci-Fi Gadgets You Can Build At Home
It's 2009. Where are our jetpacks? And laser guns? It seems like the cool stuff of sci-fi movies is now the stuff of the billion-dollar military programs, and equally unavailable to us common folk. What the hell? Well, if you're tired of waiting for this stuff to turn up on store shelves, it turns out a whole lot of these working sci-fi staples can be built on your living room floor...

Bruce Schneier explains security to a neurologist who believes in profiling Muslims at airports
Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, challenged Bruce Schneier to a debate on whether Muslims should be singled out for additional screening at airports. Schneier patiently, and repeatedly, explains why (apart from the unconstitutionality and moral repugnance of this), it would be bad security practice. Harris changes the subject. A lot. But Schneier presents a model of how to use dispassionate reason to demolish intellectual laziness and xenophobia dressed up as "common sense."

Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victim's Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police
One man is dead and another hospitalized after a bizarre assault off Miami's MacArthur Causeway reportedly forced a police officer to open fire. ON A ZOMBIE!!!

If you haven't seen this link yet, the Zombies hve already won...

Lab-grown meat is first step to artificial hamburger
Dutch scientists have used stem cells to create strips of muscle tissue with the aim of producing the first lab-grown hamburger later this year.

'Cool Cash' card confusion http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1022757_cool_cash_card_confusion
A LOTTERY scratchcard has been withdrawn from sale by Camelot - because players couldn't understand it... To qualify for a prize, users had to scratch away a window to reveal a temperature lower than the figure displayed on each card. As the game had a winter theme, the temperature was usually below freezing. But the concept of comparing negative numbers proved too difficult for some...

The Dark Side Of The Publishing Industry: How To Avoid Scams
I want to talk about the Nigerian 419 scammers of the publishing industry--the vanity presses, the fake literary agents, and the scam contests--all designed to inflate your ego just enough so you don’t notice their hand in your pocket. With just a little caution, research and common sense, you can protect yourself. Here are the three most common types of scams, and how to avoid them.

Alan Alda: Fired up about science
I started a contest to see if scientists would rise to the challenge of explaining this common thing -- a flame -- so that an 11-year-old would understand it. The idea was not primarily to teach kids science, but rather to encourage scientists to think about the tough problem of making science clear and vivid, without dumbing it down -- and thereby disrespecting both the kids and the science.

The Lengthening Arm of Uncle Sam’s ‘Pirate’ Justice
We have reached a point in Australia where citizens can be arrested and extradited to the United States based on information supplied by Australian spies for breaches of US law on Australian soil. Australia has effectively signed away its right to govern its own in matters of copyright infringement when those matters overlap the interests of the United States.

"It’s A Brick" -- Tesla Motors’ Devastating Design Problem
Tesla Motors’ lineup of all-electric vehicles apparently suffer from a severe limitation that can largely destroy the value of the vehicle. If the battery is ever totally discharged, the owner is left with what Tesla describes as a "brick": a completely immobile vehicle that cannot be started or even pushed down the street. Despite this "brick" scenario having occurred several times already, Tesla has publicly downplayed the severity of battery depletion risk to both existing owners and future buyers. Privately though, Tesla has gone to great lengths to prevent this potentially brand-destroying incident from happening more often, including possibly engaging in GPS tracking of a vehicle without the owner’s knowledge.

Snopes.com Documents OIP Derangement Syndrome

  • Snopes had found significantly more rumors about Democrats than about Republicans.
  • The rumors about Democrats were significantly more likely to be false.
  • Reports that were deemed a mixture of true and false tended to be complimentary to Republicans, denigrating to Democrats.
Kids Who Don’t Gender Conform Are at Higher Risk of Abuse
Swapping gender roles is common in childhood play, but a new study finds that non-conforming kids are at risk for physical and sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress.

Nuclear Reactors Not Needed to Make the Most Common Medical Isotope
In recent years, hospitals worldwide have been grappling with short supplies of technetium-99 (Tc-99), the most commonly used radioisotope in medical imaging scans. But help may be at hand: A team of Canadian researchers reported today that they've made critical progress in developing a stable new supply of the isotope. Atcher adds that several other groups are exploring alternative non-reactor-based methods for producing Tc-99.

Inside Weta: A Mermaid's Tale
The team here at Weta have recently completed work on a rather unusual project, creating a fully functional Mermaid tail for Auckland woman Nadya Vessey, who is a double leg amputee.

'Mermaids: The Body Found' On Animal Planet Argues Mythical Sea Creatures Are Aquatic Apes
Foley is quick to point out that he doesn't necessarily believe that mermaids existed, but, as he did with a previous special, "Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real," wanted to "plausibly imagine them."

A fascinating piece of speculation. But the clips I saw were over-the-top.

Dolphins deserve same rights as humans, say scientists
Dolphins should be treated as non-human "persons", with their rights to life and liberty respected, scientists meeting in Canada have been told.

US Interventions in the World since WW II
US military and CIA interventions in the world since World War II.

Eternal Copyright: a modest proposal
Certainly we wouldn't want to listen to their other suggestions, which would see us broaden the definition of "fair use" and, horrifically, reduce copyright terms back to merely a lifetime or even less. Not only would such an act deprive our great-great-grandchildren of their birthright, but it would surely choke off creativity to the dark ages of the 18th and 19th centuries, a desperately lean time for art in which we had to make do with mere scribblers such as Wordsworth, Swift, Richardson, Defoe, Austen, Bronte, Hardy, Dickens, and Keats. Do we really want to return to that world? I don't think so.

Our unrealistic attitudes about death, through a doctor’s eyes
For all its technological sophistication and hefty price tag, modern medicine may be doing more to complicate the end of life than to prolong or improve it...

True-Color Dinosaur Revealed: First Full-Body Rendering
For the first time, scientists have decoded the full-body color patterns of a dinosaur

No Iran War Please
Back in 2002, this crazy idea of responding to 9/11 by attacking Iraq first started being floated. And now we’re getting stronger and stronger whiffs of Dorky Middle East War, the Sequel: Iran. Can the sensible people of the world please stand up and say "Please, let’s not do that".

The Composites
Images created using a commercially available law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters

Animal rights group says drone shot down
A remote-controlled aircraft owned by an animal rights group was reportedly shot down near Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday... "Seconds after it hit the air, numerous shots rang out," Hindi said in the release. "As an act of revenge for us shutting down the pigeon slaughter, they had shot down our copter."

The 18 rules I learned in my 1st year as a full time writer
So, as you can see, clear, forth­right and iron­clad. Want writing suc­cess? There’s no need to be uncer­tain or to worry that you’re doing it wrong. Just follow these simple steps to fame and fortune.

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')
The Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release a list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats against the U.S.

Pirate Bay Ready For Perpetual IP-Address Whac-A-Mole
Last week The Pirate Bay added a new IP-address which allows users to circumvent the many court-ordered blockades against the site. While this proved to be quite effective, the Hollywood backed anti-piracy group BREIN has already been to court to demand a block against this new address. But that won’t deter The Pirate Bay, who say they are fully prepared for an extended game of whac-a-mole using the hundreds of IP addresses they have available.

Bill Drummond: 'The creative urge is in us all'
For his latest project, former KLF frontman Bill Drummond has given up interviews. He will only answer 100 more questions -- and let the Guardian ask four of them. He shares his thoughts on whisky, burning £1m and cake circles

Open Goldberg Variations: mission accomplished
The Open Goldberg Variations project has reached the last milestone: recordings and scores are available as public domain for admirers of classical music. Goldeberg variations by Johann Sebastian Bach were originally composed for harpsichord....

British monarchy 'needs to be more like Game of Thrones'
THE royal family must embrace the ‘fantasy saga’ aspect of its nature, it has been claimed. "I think the Queen should have a false eye made of something called ‘dragonstone’, Prince Edward should be somehow made into a wise-cracking dwarf and Prince Philip can stay pretty much the same."

Currently, Linkfrenzy is mostly brought to you by the linkposts of andrewducker, jaylake and johncoxon. Except that link you hated. I found that one myself. And some older links from my backlog, as I work my way through the endless tabs on this machine. It takes me hours to do this thing, you know. Hours.

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Date:2012-05-27 21:57

End of Gender: Buck Angel Wants to See Your Cervix
I recently stumbled across Buck Angel's "Public Cervix Announcement," in which the transgender porn star reminds us that transmasculine folks still need to go to the gyno. If the Supreme Court signs off on Obamacare next month, queer and transgender people will take another step towards affordably and comfortably getting the plumbing checked.

Mustafa's Space Drive: An Egyptian Student's Quantum Physics Invention
Remember the name, because you might see it again: Aisha Mustafa, a 19-year-old Egyptian physics student, patented a new type of propulsion system for spacecraft that uses cutting edge quantum physics instead of thrusters.

Astronauts enter world’s first private supply ship
Space station astronauts floated into the Dragon on Saturday, a day after its heralded arrival as the world’s first commercial supply ship.

Interview with an Adware Author
Q: You wrote adware. You bastard.

What the Bible Says about Abortion
I was a very serious Bible-believer at the time, and so I started looking through the pages of the Bible for some kind of evidence one way or the other... I'd like to point one passage out to my fundamentalist friends which I've only become aware of recently, and which is not subtle at all. In fact, I would go so far as to say that anyone who is honestly a Bible-believer, in the sense that they believe that the Bible is literally true and an accurate moral guide, cannot read this passage and still be anti-abortion...

The Keaton Music Typewriter
No, it's not a typewriter that plays music. The Keaton Music Typewriter was invented in 1936 for the purpose of printing musical notes on sheet music paper.

Blindside, a new "3D audio-only adventure game" for iOS
The project was inspired by co-creator Aaron Rasmussen's temporary blindness as a result of an explosion in high school chemistry.

Conway’s Game of Life in Conway’s Game of Life
...here is an implementation of Life within Life.

Germany sets new solar power record, institute says
German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour - equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity - through the midday hours on Friday and Saturday... The German government decided to abandon nuclear power after the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year, closing eight plants immediately and shutting down the remaining nine by 2022.

A tale of openness and secrecy: The Philadelphia Story
A now little-known manuscript prepared by nine young physicists as a statement about the futility of scientific secrecy quickly became a test of the limits of free discourse in the nuclear age.

The 7 Greatest (Real) Bill Murray Stories Ever Told
Bill Murray is a bad ass. Some of these Bill Murray stories are legend and some may have indisputable proof, yet they are all amazing and sound exactly like the kind of awesome thing the most enigmatic celebrity (that we actually like) would do... this is a list of the greatest (real) Bill Murray encounters of all time. And no one will ever believe you.

5 Reasons You Should Never Take Advice from Celebrities
There are reasons we wisely choose to ignore their advice (or in many cases, make fun of it), but I don't think the celebrities themselves see the problem. Allow me to explain...

Drawings of the LHC in the style of Leonardo da Vinci
Dr. Sergio Cittolin has worked at CERN for the past 30 years as a research physicist. He has also made several drawings of the Large Hadron Collider in the style of Leonardo da Vinci.

First Deaths As Radiohead Fans Attack Coldplay Ones
Diehard Radiohead fans have clashed with Coldplay fan-club members around Australia as the issuing of Coldplay tickets this morning brought up deep-seated hatred between the two factions.

Middle-aged thug stamped on young woman's head in vicious 'hate crime' simply because she was dressed as a goth
A drunken thug who stamped repeatedly on a young woman's head aboard a crowded tram simply because she was dressed in goth-style clothes was today facing a lengthy jail term.

One of the two stories above is a laughable and ironic parody. The other is not.

Accusations that climate science is money-driven reveal ignorance of how science is done
One of the unfortunate memes that has made repeated appearances in the climate debate is that money isn't just influencing the public debate about science, but it's also influencing the science itself. The government, the argument goes, is paying scientists specifically to demonstrate that carbon dioxide is the major culprit in recent climate change, and the money available to do so is exploding. Although the argument displays a profound misunderstanding of how science and science funding work, it's just not going away.

LimeWire Sued For More Money Than Exists In The World
The RIAA told a court ...it should be compensated for every individual download of the tracks. ...its claim for $72 trillion is 20 percent higher than the combined wealth of the entire world, which is $60 trillion...

RIAA Insists That, Really, The Music Industry Is Collapsing; Reality Shows It's Just The RIAA That's Collapsing
...the real story of the report is that the market is thriving for artists and consumers, but is much more challenging for big, lumbering legacy players. That would basically be the RIAA's membership.

What Common Objects Used to Be Made Of
The first synthetic plastic--celluoid--was developed as a substitute for ivory, and the elephants survived. Bakelite was invented in 1907 to replace the beetle excretion called shellac... Looking for new markets, the marketers discovered disposability...

Man Loses $22,000 In New 'Policing For Profit' Case
"If somebody told me this happened to them, I absolutely would not believe this could happen in America." That was the reaction of a New Jersey man who found out just how risky it can be to carry cash through Tennessee... In this latest case, a Monterey police officer took $22,000 off the driver -- even though he had committed no crime...

5 Internet Annoyances That Are Way Older Than the Internet
If you think going back in time a century or two would help you escape things like email spam, Nigerian scams or LOLspeak, think again.

5 Reasons Pop Culture Is Run by Fan-Fiction
If you spend much time online, the words "fanfiction writer" probably don't fill you with gushing respect. For those lucky enough not to know, fanfics are amateur, nonauthorized stories relying on the plot or characters already created in movies, television shows, video games and just about everything else that you can imagine... Fanfiction is actually everywhere, and in some ways you're already a fan.

Nazi legacy: The troubled descendants
The names of Himmler, Goering, Goeth and Hoess still have the power to evoke the horrors of Nazi Germany, but what is it like to live with the legacy of those surnames, and is it ever possible to move on from the terrible crimes committed by your ancestors?

How Bots Seized Control of My Pricing Strategy
I can't help but think about that old gambler's proverb: "If you can't spot the sucker, it's you."

Holiday Party 2011

This was a Mystery Tab. I've no idea where it came from. There is no description of the photographs therein. Seems like an... interesting party, though.

This exists. And it’s disgusting: The iPhone umbilical cord charger
Well, here’s something disgusting. Japanese artist Mio I-zawa has created an iPhone charger to resemble an umbilical cord, of all things. The charger partially swallows the phone even, almost creating a "womb" of sorts for your iPhone to charge in. But that’s not all, folks. As if this thing weren’t already creepy to look at, it actually moves and pulsates as it provides power, or "life", to the iPhone. I, uh...words escape me on this one, really.

How the European Internet Rose Up Against ACTA
ACTA, or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is an international treaty that was negotiated in secret over the span of four years. While the provisions are currently public, their genesis was hidden from democratic scrutiny, and most nations signed on to ACTA without any chance for their citizenry to review or comment on the process.

The secret world of Geocaching
Imagine a secret world, all around you. A world of hidden objects; barely concealed metal containers, sometimes magnetized and affixed to the underside of fuse boxes, or drainpipes. Other times, hidden in the nook of a tree, or underneath some scrub.

'Fair and square' pricing? That'll never work, JC Penney. We like being shafted
Penney's ill-fated attempt to cast itself as the only fair poker player in a game of cheats. Shoppers just aren't buying it. However unsophisticated consumers are, very few of them believe a pair of shoes bought at Penney's everyday low price will be cheaper than a pair of shoes bought at Macy's on clearance with a 25 percent off coupon.

33 Perfectly Timed Photos
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

An unbiased review of the Marvel "Thor" Movie
...let me present an old piece overdue for posting in the fandom vein, my review of the MARVEL comics Thor movie which distressed everyone last spring by being nowhere near as awful as expected.

An Unbiased Review of the Marvel "Avengers" Movie
Fired with anticipation after the subtle and intricately imagined commentary on Norse Mythology offered by Marvel’s "Thor" film, I used my one free afternoon on a short conference trip to Oxford to see the sequel...

Iron Sky getting a sequel AND a tv prequel
Our own rochefort called Iron Sky a guilty pleasure and it seems the world agrees. Word is they'll be getting a 3-part tv prequel to answer the question How did the Nazis end up on the dark side of the moon, and what happened when they had returned to the Earth? and a sequel to continue the story.

Why NBC and Sony Continue to Make Community the Rodney Dangerfield of Sitcoms
Back in its 1990s heyday, NBC latched on to its sitcom hits and ran with them. Friends and Seinfeld were like the golden children who could do no wrong. And yes, those were good shows. You know what’s also a good show? Community. So why does NBC continue to treat it like its red-headed stepchild? That red-headed stepchild is hilarious, sweet, and has tons and tons of friends! Well, as one of those friends (and a fake redhead), I want to discuss how Community became the Rodney Dangerfield of television.

Leaked Memo: 'Community' Studio Tells Cast How to Address Dan Harmon Firing
Sony Pictures Television issues a talking-points memo in an effort to minimize media backlash over Harmon's exit as showrunner of the NBC series.

A Better Death than They Offered Him
...back in January, on one of the only actually seriously dangerously cold days we've had this winter, an elderly dementia patient escaped from a Belleville, Illinois nursing home; police found his body, where he had laid down to die in a creek bed out of sight, two days later. The guy's family are distraught that the nursing home failed to stop him from escaping, and now say that they should have known better, because the guy had a history of escape attempts. Oh. My. Fucking. Gods. I should damn well think he was trying to escape. I will, too.

and Yet Another "Why Are You Depressed, Brad?" and "Why Do You Hate America?"
If you think that this shit isn't going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen and god only knows where else that your tax dollars are being used to save you from Islamist terrorism? You're ignorant, at best.

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Date:2012-05-23 23:42

I wrote a response to the Forbes article about my Tesla comic - The Oatmeal:

Former Record Label Exec Ethan Kaplan: Duh, Of Course More File Sharing Leads To More Sales
MUSIC BUSINESS (RECORDED): your product isn't diamonds mined from a secret mythical land. And beyond broadband/napster/whatever, what hurt you the most is PEOPLE FIGURED THAT OUT. Cynicism caught up with you.

Career Prospects in the Pain Business
I was browsing the Guardian newspaper’s recruitment ads this week when I saw this ad for a job as a Torturer. "The government of a Middle Eastern state is recruiting a senior torturer to work in a well-equipped prison. Our ideal candidate would be prepared to inflict extreme pain and suffering..."

SpaceX Dragon, first private ship to the ISS, launched successfully
History is just days away from being made as SpaceX' Dragon cargoship finally blasted off successfully on its Falcon 9 rocket this morning on its way to a rendezvous with the International Space Station.

Star Trek's Scotty boldly goes where he always wanted to
James Doohan's ashes hitch a ride on the SpaceX Dragon

Construction firm aims at space elevator in 2050
Obayashi Corp., headquartered in Tokyo, on Monday unveiled a project to build a gigantic elevator that would transport passengers to a station 36,000 kilometers above the Earth.

2012 TV Body Count Study Results
Have you ever thought about how many people die in the TV shows you watch every week? Do you notice many funerals? Funeralwise wanted to look at the role of death in popular culture, more specifically in broadcast and cable shows. The following is the reported results after evaluating over 300 episodes that recently aired.

It’s Official: Watching Fox Makes You Stupider
According to a new study by Farleigh Dickinson University, Fox viewers are the least knowledgeable audience of any outlet, and they know even less about politics and current events than people who watch no news at all.

Scarlett Johansson On The Ridiculous, Sexist Portrayals Of Superheroines
If you want audiences to respond to superheroines like they respond to superheroes, you have to treat them the same way.

You Didn’t Thank Me For Punching You in the Face
When the fuck was it decided that we should start teaching our daughters to accept being belittled, disrespected and abused as endearing treatment? And we have the audacity to wonder why women stay in abusive relationships?

The end of drug discovery?
Half a century ago, in the drug industry's golden era, we were bestowed with countless pills to lower blood pressure, control blood sugar and get rid of infections. But today it costs about $1bn to bring a new medicine to market, a process that can take 15 years.

Results of The Buttermind Experiment
In August, at a Quantified Self meeting in San Jose, I told how butter apparently improved my brain function. When I started eating a half-stick of butter every day, I suddenly got faster at arithmetic. During the question period, Greg Biggers of genomera.com proposed a study to see if what I’d found was true for other people.

'Oldest living thing on earth' discovered
Ancient patches of a giant seagrass in the Mediterranean Sea are now considered the oldest living organism on Earth after scientists dated them as up to 200,000 years old.

How Pixar’s Toy Story 2 was deleted twice, once by technology and again for its own good
That’s Oren Jacob, former Chief Technical Officer of Pixar--then an associate technical director for Toy Story 2--recounting the moment they discovered that the movie was being deleted off of the company’s servers after an erroneous command was executed, erasing two months and hundreds of man-hours worth of work...

WorldWideWeb wide-area hypertext app available Aug 20 1991, 4:01 pm
The WorldWideWeb application is now available as an alpha release in source and binary form from info.cern.ch. WorldWideWeb is a hypertext browser/editor which allows one to read information from local files and remote servers... This project is experimental and of course comes without any warranty whatsoever. However, it could start a revolution in information access...

Engineering Infrastructures For Humans
One of the things that I’ve noticed on my flights is that they don’t want you to smoke. You actually used to be able to smoke on planes, which seems weird now that you can’t even smoke outide. Heck, there’s even a "No Smoking" sign on the ashtray in the bathroom... Wait, what?

Scientists solve mystery of stone circle on top of ridge of Coast Mountains
Strange collection of rocks likely left by movement of glacial mass, not UFOs

Science Finds a Better Way to Teach Science
Wieman learned what cognitive scientists have proven repeatedly in recent years: Humans don’t learn concepts very well by having someone blab on about them. In other words, the college lecture is to a large extent a waste of time. The simple insight that lectures don’t work well raises two questions. First, where do I apply to get those 3,000 hours of my life back? And second, what does work?

Zoning Out: Time zones are fluid. What are the implications for time itself?
The evening of December 29, 2011 was a Thursday evening. Most of the citizens of Samoa -- a mere 190,000 in total -- came home from work, had their nightly meal, and went to sleep. But when they awoke, it was Saturday morning. Friday, December 30, 2011 had disappeared. More precisely, December 30 was erased from the routine progression of time. Those with December 30th anniversaries, lovers of Fridays, and people not quite ready for the next year were out of luck. The clocks had been turned forward, a full day forward. December 30, 2011 was a day no Samoan would know.

'Rasputin Was My Neighbor' And Other True Tales Of Time Travel
There are people who live long enough to create a link -- a one-generation link -- to figures from what feels like a distant past, and their presence among us shrinks history. The blogger Jason Kottke has been collecting examples. He calls them "human wormholes," because these people help us leap across space/time...

Stochastic Pattern Recognition Dramatically Outperforms Conventional Techniques
A stochastic computer, designed to help an autonomous vehicle navigate, outperforms a conventional computer by three orders of magnitude, say computer scientists

New Blade Runner Movie is a Sequel, Features Same Writer & Director [Update]
Seems the film will star a "female protagonist"...

A Matter Of Electric Sheep
The replicants in Blade Runner know they're replicants. Except Rachael. She's a new type of replicant and she's been given somebody else's memories to cushion her emotional responses so she can be more easily controlled. So if Deckard is also a replicant, he doesn't know about it either. So he's the same as Rachael. So it follows that he must have somebody else's memories too. And there's really only one person who's memories he could have.

MIT’s Freaky Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup Flowing
Watch never-before-seen videos of an amazing new condiment lubricant that makes the inside of bottles so slippery, nothing is left inside. This means no more pounding on the bottom of your ketchup containers--and a lot less wasted food.

Speaking in tongues: Language diversity around the world
The chart below measures language diversity in two very different ways: the number of languages spoken in the country and Greenberg's diversity index, which scores countries on the probability that two citizens will share a mother tongue.

Tibetans’ (Forbidden) Special Treat
Though most Tibetans are Buddhists, who would avoid taking a life, they are also great lovers of meat, and sha momos are the unofficial national dish... The tradition of meat-eating is strong because without meat as a source of fat and protein, Tibetans simply could not have survived on their high, cold plateau for centuries... there is a practical, Buddhist reason for eating yak instead of, say, rabbit or fish... "The karmic load of killing one rabbit and one yak are the same: one life," he said. "But you can feed a lot more people with a yak."

The Miura Fold Is How You’d Fold a Map if You Were Awesome
In 1995, Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura designed a folding mechanism intended to deploying solar panels in space. The method, called the Miura fold or miura-ori, allows you to open and close a folded piece of paper--like a map--with one swift motion. It's pretty like origami and useful like a fox.

Say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard
Leap represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It’s more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.

and All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay
Sadly, many Mormons throughout history have died without having known the joys of homosexuality. With your help, these poor souls can be saved...

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Date:2012-05-22 21:48

Flashboard Wars: The Age vs The Herald-Sun
There are two major newspapers in this town, and sometimes the contrast between their opposing flashboards is just too hilarious/tragic/terrifying not to blog about. So this is dedicated to Melbourne's ongoing war on journalistic integrity...

Sportswomen of the Past -- A Homage with Vintage Pictures
Some of these vintage pictures from the Edwardian Era (and just beyond) may surprise you. Yet these few representatives are surely testament to (under represented photograhically) a greater percentage of the women of the past who were unafraid to pursue their sporting ambitions in a still male dominated world.

Iran: Editing Out the Doubts
How would the press in the UK and the US have reacted if a nuclear scientist had been killed on the streets of Glasgow or New York? Would there have been speculation as to our weapons programme, or would the cold blooded killing of an unarmed civilian have gained widespread condemnation?

Print-On-Demand Not Coming to a Store Near You
For a small business in a changing field, sticking to conclusions that you made four years ago is a terrible habit so I did a big of digging around the web to check my assumptions.

The Racism of Pauline Hanson and Today Tonight
Today Tonight's article is, without a doubt, a piece that works to present and support the racist ideologies of Pauline Hanson. It is nothing short than racism, a horrible act of manipulation, and one that seeks to validate a politician and her extreme, minority driven views.

Craig Thomson’s day in kangaroo court
The reputation of the Parliament suffers every day in its present form... It’s suffering because time and again, some of the most fundamental standards of Australian culture and society are flouted.

Teachable moments
I feel like I lost something important last night. I feel like I lost a sense of unguarded social freedom. How I lost that sense of unguarded social freedom was by realizing deep in my gut something which I've known intellectually for years. That is, that for most people, that sense of unguarded social freedom never existed in the first place.

10 Reasons to Date Someone in the Arts
Dating someone in the arts is no cake walk... So why would anyone in their right minds want to date one? Here are ten reasons.

Oceans need big animals
...A number of recent studies, however, suggest that larger and more abundant animals may play a critical role in maintaining and enhancing marine productivity...

Will Smith's kid asked Obama about aliens. And the president said ...

Yep. Obama is Cool.

Australasia has hottest 60 years in a millennium, scientists find
Study of tree rings, corals and ice cores finds unnatural spike in temperatures that lines up with manmade climate change

I dunno, those scientists with their pesky facts...

6 Mind-Blowing Ways Zombies and Vampires Explain America
Here's the weirdest graph you'll see all week. It's graphing the popularity of zombie movies versus vampire movies, split out by whether the president at the time was a Republican or a Democrat. There are exceptions, but in general when a Republican is in office, it's all about zombies. When it's a Democrat, it's all about vampires. Actually, it makes perfect sense. Horror plays off of social anxieties of the times, and it's all about what the left and right are afraid of.

Why is this program erroneously rejected by three C++ compilers?
This program is very simple and, to the best of my knowledge, conforms to all the rules set forth in the C++ Standard. I've read over the entirety of ISO/IEC 14882:2003 twice to be sure. The program is as follows...

Blackout: Govt piracy meeting completely censored
The Australian Federal Government has declined to reveal almost any information about a second secret industry meeting held in February this year to address the issue of Internet piracy, using a variety of complex justifications to avoid releasing virtually any detail of the meeting under Freedom of Information laws.

Nike puts foot in it with 'Black and Tan' trainers
They were supposed to commemorate St Patrick's Day. But calling them after a violent British paramilitary unit that terrorised the Irish wasn't a good move

The Inside Story of How John Carter Was Doomed by Its First Trailer
"This is one of the worst marketing campaigns in the history of movies," a former studio marketing chief told Vulture before the film opened. "It’s almost as if they went out of their way to not make us care." If that was the goal, it worked.

10 Reasons the Rest of the World Thinks the U.S. Is Nuts
This week the Georgia State Legislature debated a bill in the House that would make it necessary for some women to carry stillborn or dying fetuses until they "naturally" go into labor... The rest of the civilized world thinks this country has lost its mind. It's no wonder. Look at this list of frenzied misogyny:

6 Horrifying Implications of the Harry Potter Universe
We're not saying we wouldn't want to run off and live in the wizard world if given the chance. We're just saying that it would be a never-ending twisted hell of despair and madness.

How To Explain Your Game To An Asshole
When you’re trying to describe your game -- for its website, in an interview, or in a trailer -- you can’t assume the reader is a reasonable, interested, intelligent human being. Because in the worst case scenario, your reader might be me. And I’m an asshole.

Bishop to hospitals: let women die, that’s an order
Yes really. This isn’t my usual hyperbole, it’s exactly what the bishop of Phoenix, Thomas Olmsted, tells the president of Catholic Healthcare West in an official letter dated November 22, 2010.

How To Teach Your Kids About Racism
This is a kickass children's story about this racist tree but it also has a deeper meaning or whatever.

What Happens to the Coke in Coca-Cola?
To this day, Coca-Cola needs coca leaves to make its drinks; as a Coke exec told the New York Times, "[i]ngredients from the coca leaf are used, but there is no cocaine in it and it is all tightly overseen by regulatory authorities."

and Kripke resigns as report alleges that he faked results of thought experiments
Saul Kripke resigned yesterday from his position as Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. While similar allegations have been circulating in unpublished form for years, a team of philosophers from Oxford University has just released a damning report claiming that they were systematically unable to reproduce the results of thought experiments reported by Kripke...

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Date:2012-05-19 23:11

Queen Victoria: Crown owns nothing, Aborigines sovereign
The Crown doesn't legally own anything in Australia because Queen Victoria and the House of Lords said so in an 1875 Act. Nor were the Australian colonies of the time "to derogate from the rights of the tribes or people inhabiting such islands or places, or of chiefs or rulers thereof"...

Of course they don't have a hope in hell. Australia was illegally stolen, fair and square, and the descendents of the thieves, and the beneficiaries of the theft, are not going to let it be returned....

The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying To Keep Marijuana Illegal
...we at Republic Report think it’s worth showing that there are entrenched interest groups that are spending large sums of money to keep our broken drug laws on the books...

"The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation"
...since our employers had become silent investors in this prison business, it was now in their interest to make sure that these prisons remained filled. Our job would be to help make this happen by marketing music which promotes criminal behavior, rap being the music of choice...

You have landed on the website of Team Part-Time Scientists...
At the end of 2008 a small group of scientists and engineers got together for the first time to plan the impossible: to land their very own rover on the moon...

Pay us for library ebook loans, say authors
Many writers rely on income from library loans, says the Society of Authors, in calling for digital books to be included in PLR scheme

They're not included in PLR? They should be.

Texas executed an innocent man
Antonin Scalia once said that no one had ever been executed in the US for a crime they didn't commit.


How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit
T. Mills Kelly encourages his students to deceive thousands of people on the Web. This has angered many, but the experiment helps reveal the shifting nature of the truth on the Internet.

Now It's Obama Who's Our First Gay President!
...the U.S. already had a gay president more than a century ago. There can be no doubt that James Buchanan was gay, before, during, and after his four years in the White House. Moreover, the nation knew it, too -- he was not far into the closet. Today, I know no historian who has studied the matter and thinks Buchanan was heterosexual...

Placebo: Now available in maximum strength
For only 6 British Pounds, you can cure what ails you with Placebo maximum strength sugar pills. And, before you ask, yes ... there really is some evidence that placebos work even if the people taking them already know that the drug is a placebo.

New Drug Trial Seeks to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts
In a clinical trial that could lead to treatments that prevent Alzheimer’s, people who are genetically guaranteed to develop the disease -- but who do not yet have any symptoms -- will for the first time be given a drug intended to stop it, federal officials announced Tuesday.

New Zealand: The Maōri
One model for reviving dying languages focuses on immersing children and their parents within the Maōri culture...

Why One of the World's Leading Peace Advocates Threatened to Punch Me in the Face
Gareth Evans, a former attorney-general and foreign minister in Australia, threatened me because I raised the issue of his support for the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia.

Why power generators are terrified of solar
Here is a pair of graphs that demonstrate most vividly the merit order effect and the impact that solar is having on electricity prices in Germany; and why utilities there and elsewhere are desperate to try to rein in the growth of solar PV in Europe. It may also explain why Australian generators are fighting so hard against the extension of feed-in tariffs in this country.

Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America
What would you do if you came across someone on the street that had not had anything to eat for several days? Would you give that person some food? Well, the next time you get that impulse you might want to check if it is still legal to feed the homeless where you live.

Gravity in the Margins (Mmm... Marginalia #55)
...imagine for a moment that Mario (here pictured circa 1990) hopped down a warp pipe and emerged on the page of a medieval manuscript circa 1290. If we look closely at the way that the medieval artist arranges his page, I think we’ll find that Mario would get along pretty well. In fact, I contend that the imagined world of the deluxe Gothic illuminated page is follows many of the same rules as Mario’s side-scrolling 8-bit one...

The Starry Stars are Right
Vincent van Gogh has all the hallmarks of a traditional Lovecraftian protagonist. Brilliant and tortured, he perceived a world beyond the view of most men and brought it to life with his art. Like so many before him that vision would bring him to the edge of madness and beyond, eventually resulting in his voluntary commitment to the asylum at Saint-Rémy. While there he would paint his most famous creation- The Starry Night.

What if Edward Gorey illustrated Lovecraft?
John Kenn Mortensen is an artist from Denmark whose work is very much reminiscent of Edward Gorey, and I spent some time recently looking at every single illustration at his website. I selected the ones that I felt were Lovecraftian and I’m posting them below.

Goth for life
Fields of the Nephilim still play to packed houses of devoted fans. It just goes to show that once you're a goth, you're always a goth

Long URL Please
Lengthening short urls so that you don't have to. Lengthens short urls, reducing uncertainty for users following links.

Why does the government always get it wrong? Why is digital policy so bad?
Ultimately, laws without ‘consent’ don’t really work -- just as government without ‘consent’ only works with ultimate force, and even then it’s hard to sustain. It doesn’t matter how many times and in how many ways governments bring in ‘anti-piracy’ laws -- if people don’t believe that piracy is ‘wrong’, they won’t want to obey. Law without consent just doesn’t do the job.

The secret Falklands 'suicide mission'
Would Operation Mikado have been a brave assault in the finest traditions of the SAS or a hubristic suicide mission?

Overview of the Freedom Ship
Envision an ideal place to live or run a business, a friendly, safe and secure community with large areas of open space and extensive entertainment and recreational facilities. Finally, picture this community continually moving around the world.

Atheism Rising, But God Is Not Dead Yet: 10 Ways Religion Is Changing Around the World
Religion is alive and well in the 21st century -- but it also looks very different now.

Hatching Cadbury Creme Eggs: the horrifying opposite of Chickam
I've wondered for some time what would happen if I incubated a Cadbury Creme Egg. The problem is, only unfertilized Cadbury eggs are sold in stores. So I did what anyone else would do: I called around, asked some very discreet questions, and managed to get my hands on some fertilized eggs...

Russia developing a gun that turns people into zombies (seriously)
Russian President Vladmir Putin confirmed that his country is working on the creation of an electromagnetic gun that attacks its target's central nervous system, putting them in what we hope is a temporary, zombie-like state.

The Beer Game -or- Why Apple Can’t Build iPads in the US
When President Obama asked Steve Jobs what it would take to make iPhones in the United States, the late Apple co-founder supposedly quipped: "Those jobs aren’t coming back." When I read this, it reminded me of something my dad presented to us as kids a long time ago- The Beer Game...

Internet Use Promotes Democracy Best in Countries That Are Already Partially Free
Although use of the internet has been credited with helping spur democratic revolutions in the Arab world and elsewhere, a new multinational study suggests the internet is most likely to play a role only in specific situations.

Evaluating a 1981 temperature projection
To conclude, a projection from 1981 for rising temperatures in a major science journal, at a time that the temperature rise was not yet obvious in the observations, has been found to agree well with the observations since then, underestimating the observed trend by about 30%, and easily beating naive predictions of no-change or a linear continuation of trends. It is also a nice example of a statement based on theory that could be falsified and up to now has withstood the test. The "global warming hypothesis" has been developed according to the principles of sound science.

The Dark and Disturbing Secrets HR Doesn’t Want You to Know
There are three types of people who choose a career in HR: sadistic assholes who were probably all tattletales in school, empathetic (and soon to-be-disillusioned) idealists who think they can make a difference in the lives of others, and those of us who stick around because it gives you the best view of all the most entertaining train wrecks happening in the rest of the company.

A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds: Where Is The Physician Outrage?
I do not care what your personal politics are. I think we can all agree that my right to swing my fist ends where your face begins. I do not feel that it is reactionary or even inaccurate to describe an unwanted, non-indicated transvaginal ultrasound as "rape".

Housing on the minimum wage: how many hours would you have to work?
How affordable is housing in England if you're working on the minimum wage? Taking the key data from the Valuations Office Agency, we've mapped the number of hours you would have to work each week just to afford the rent for a one bedroom flat. Click on the map below to see how the data varies - or search for your address to find out

An Introduction to Objectivist-C
Let me introduce you to the best language you’ve never heard of: Objectivist-C. Although academic computer scientists have generally dismissed Objectivist-C, it has a zealous following among self-taught programmers and college sophomores. Objectivist-C was invented by Russian-American programmer Ope Rand. Based on the principle of rational self-interest, Objectivist-C was influenced by Aristotle’s laws of logic and Smalltalk. In an unorthodox move, Rand first wrote about the principles of Objectivist-C in bestselling novels, and only later set them down in non-fiction. Here’s what you need to know to program in Objectivist-C.

Drugs, Cops & Dismemberment: The Crazy Adventures Of A Vintage Mac Collector [Interview]
Adam is one of the premier vintage Mac collectors around. In just he last couple of months, some of Googlevitch’s rarest finds -- including a 128k Mac with a 5.25" Twiggy floppy disk drive and a Macintosh SE with a clear outer case -- have hit the web and sparked a flurry of interest. But collecting these Macs isn’t always easy. From almost losing a finger to a PowerMac G4 Cube to mistakenly being investigated by the police under the suspicion of dealing drugs instead of Macs, Googlevitch has some wild stories to tell that prove that being a vintage Mac collector isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart...

9-Year-Old To Westboro Baptist Protesters: 'God Hates No One'
Patty Akrouche says she's "never been prouder" of her 9-year-old son, Josef Miles, than she was this past weekend.

and Ridley Scott’s New Blade Runner Is Officially A Sequel & Will Star A Woman In The Lead Role!
A press release gave the official word today that Scott’s second Blade Runner project would be a sequel but also that his original screenwriter, Hampton Fancher, is also on board...


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Date:2012-05-16 22:02
Subject:All the stuffs you've already seen

The Liberating Embrace Of Uncertainty
The only constant is change. It's the most basic fact of human existence. Nothing lasts, nothing stays the same. We feel it with each breath. From birth to the unknown moment of our passing, we ride a river of change. And yet, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, we exhaust ourselves in an endless search for solidity. We hunger for something that lasts, some idea or principle that rises above time and change. We hunger for certainty. That is a big problem. It might even be THE problem.

Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Enriched Uranium Hidden In a Basement
Kodak may be going under, but apparently they could have started their own nuclear war if they wanted, just six years ago. Down in a basement in Rochester, NY, they had a nuclear reactor loaded with 3.5 pounds of enriched uranium--the same kind they use in atomic warheads. But why did Kodak have a hidden nuclear reactor loaded with weapons-grade uranium? And how did they get permission to own it, let alone install it in a basement in the middle of a densely populated city?

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is
This means that the default behaviors for almost all the non-player characters in the game are easier on you than they would be otherwise. The default barriers for completions of quests are lower. Your leveling-up thresholds come more quickly. You automatically gain entry to some parts of the map that others have to work for. The game is easier to play, automatically, and when you need help, by default it’s easier to get.

I don't always agree with Scalzi (in general, I mean), but he writes a good piece.

How to harden your smartphone against stalkers--iPhone edition
Stalkers: sometimes they're coming from inside your phone.

DIY Tesla gun is real and very dangerous
Author and self-described "mad scientist" Rob Flickenger has accomplished what we only wish actual 19th-century scientists had done: make a steampunk lightning rifle. His Tesla gun, inspired by graphic novel The Five Fists of Science, is essentially a hand-held spark gap Tesla coil powered by an 18V drill battery. When fired, it produces anywhere from 8 to 24 inches of lightning and 100,000 volts of electricity.

My Raspberry Pi Thinks It's a Mainframe!
Could a Raspberry Pi replace the IBM 4381? Well, it turns out that just as it's possible to use a Pi to emulate a ZX Spectrum, one can be used to emulate a somewhat larger mainframe computer.

I am now tempted to download that VM OS emulator, for old times' sake.

Reset Firefox -- easily fix most problems
Over time Firefox can develop problems like slowness, crashing, unwanted toolbars and more. Troubleshooting and fixing these issues can be difficult and time consuming. The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information. The reset feature works by creating a new profile folder for you...

London cafes: the surprising history of London's lost coffeehouses
Centuries ago, London cafes were politically provocative, intellectually charged dens frequented by eminent scholars and louche libertines. London historian Dr Matthew Green recounts some unexpected tales.

'The stroke had turned me gay'
Following a stroke, Chris Birch's personality and sexuality altered dramatically. Now he is trying to rediscover who he is and why these changes may have happened.

Banned from Kickstarter for Being a Stalking Victim
I am being told that I cannot crowdfund because I am a stalking victim. Daniella is sending out the message that if you are being stalked you are unwelcome on Kickstarter. I have decided to go public with this story despite how this will put my reputation on the line. What has happened to me is unjust and should not be the way that Kickstarter operates. We all deserve the right to crowdfund no matter what our circumstances happen to be.

Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all
Defector tells how US officials 'sexed up' his fictions to make the case for 2003 invasion

Greeks apologise with huge horse
THE nation of Greece said sorry to the European Union with a present of an enormous wooden horse. A gift tag attached to the horse, which is surprisingly light for its size and has small holes along the length of its body, suggested that it should be placed in the bank’s vaults overnight to avoid it being targeted by thieves.

North Korean Press Bus Takes a Wrong Turn, Opening Another Crack in the Hermit Kingdom
When the driver veered off the planned route, he gave the world a rare glimpse into North Korean daily life and took a small chip out of the country's amazing -- and maybe unsustainable -- seclusion.

The Rejection Generator Project
The Rejection Generator rejects writers before an editor looks at a submission. Inspired by psychological research showing that after people experience pain they are less afraid of it in the future, The Rejection Generator helps writers take the pain out of rejection.

‘Hug The Monster’: Why So Many Climate Scientists Have Stopped Downplaying the Climate Threat
The piece helps dispel the myth that climate scientists have long been overhyping climate impacts -- when everyone who actually follows climate science and talks to any significant number of climate scientists knows that the reverse is true.

'Universal' cancer vaccine developed
A vaccine that can train cancer patients' own bodies to seek out and destroy tumour cells has been developed by scientists.

Closer to using aspirin for cancer prevention
A new report in the journal Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology suggests that we could be inching closer to using aspirin as part of clinical guidelines in cancer prevention.

CIA’s Secret Fear: High-Tech Border Checks Will Blow Spies’ Cover
The increasing deployment of iris scanners and biometric passports at worldwide airports, hotels and business headquarters, designed to catch terrorists and criminals, are playing havoc with operations that require CIA spies to travel under false identities.

Welcome to LEAP!
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is an international organization of criminal justice professionals who bear personal witness to the wasteful futility and harms of our current drug policies. Our experience on the front lines of the "war on drugs" has led us to call for a repeal of prohibition and its replacement with a tight system of legalized regulation, which will effectively cripple the violent cartels and street dealers who control the current illegal market.

Finding Goatse: The Mystery Man Behind the Most Disturbing Internet Meme in History [Article is Work-Safe]
Sometime in the late 20th century a naked man bent over, spread his ass and took a picture. Eventually that picture, known as Goatse, became one of the most venerable memes in internet history. Who is this man, and how did his ass take over the internet?

Carbon nanotubes: The weird world of 'remote Joule heating'
A team of University of Maryland scientists have discovered that when electric current is run through carbon nanotubes, objects nearby heat up while the nanotubes themselves stay cool, like a toaster that burns bread without getting hot. Understanding this completely unexpected new phenomenon could lead to new ways of building computer processors that can run at higher speeds without overheating.

D'oh! Groening Reveals The Location Of 'Real' Springfield
Portland native Matt Groening confirms what Oregonians have long suspected, that The Simpsons' Springfield is the one here at home.

How the Greatest Prankster in Political History Messed With Richard Nixon
Democratic prankster Dick Tuck began tormenting Richard Nixon in California in 1950, after he became a mole in Nixon’s successful Senate campaign...

Have 1,000 people died after being found "fit for work"?
The Government's Work Capability Assessments (WCA) - used to judge an Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimant's eligibility for the benefit - has proved controversial since it was introduced in 2008, with campaigners arguing that it judges potential claimants too harshly...

London’s lost rivers: the hidden history of the city’s buried waterways
Tom Bolton reveals the surprising stories behind the little-known rivers that still surge beneath the streets of London.

and Gravy-wrestling model suffers horrific facial injuries after being hit with monkey wrench when she interrupted a friend having sex

Really? You think I can follow a headline that with anything?

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Date:2012-05-15 20:57
Subject:Collect the whole set!

Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?
Over the last six years, Michael’s parents have taken him to eight different therapists and received a proliferating number of diagnoses. "We’ve had so many people tell us so many different things," Anne said... Then last spring, the psychologist treating Michael referred his parents to Dan Waschbusch, a researcher at Florida International University. Following a battery of evaluations, Anne and Miguel were presented with another possible diagnosis: their son Michael might be a psychopath.

Physicists Succeed in Making ‘Impossible’ Gamma-Ray Lens
Theory says that gamma rays, being even more energetic than x-rays, ought to bypass orbiting electrons altogether; materials should not bend them at all and the refractive index for gamma rays should be almost equal to one. Yet this is not what a team of physicists has discovered...

Paging Dr Banner... Paging Dr Banner...

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived
An ode to the father of the electric age.

Radioactive man? Milford resident pulled over by state police
Mike Apatow was driving to an appointment for work when a state police car appeared suddenly and signaled for him to pull over... earlier that day, Apatow had a nuclear stress test. In the test, a small amount of a radioactive material is injected into the veins... Though the amount of radioactive material used in the test is relatively low -- equal to a few X-rays or a diagnostic CT scan -- it was enough to set off a radioactivity detector in the state police car.

Women are better than men
Women are nicer than men. There are exceptions. Most people of both sexes are probably fairly nice, given the nature of their upbringing and opportunities. But in terms of their lifelong natures, women are kinder, more empathetic, more generous. And the sooner more of them take positions of power, the better our chances as a species.

Fantasy Philately: Collecting Stamps from Tatooine and Alderaan?
"Cinderella" stamps are so called because, just like the fairy-tale character who was not invited to the ball, Cinderella stamps are normally left out of the stamp catalog. What they lack in postal validity they make up in the fun of fantasy.

I have a fair collection of Anhk-Morpork Postal Service stamps, myself.

Greek Democracy 2012: The Best Thing in Weeks
As the old saying goes, if you owe your bank a hundred dollars, and you can't pay, you're in a lot of trouble. But if you owe your bank a hundred million dollars, and you can't pay, your bank is in a lot of trouble.

Argentina : Greece :: Citibank : Deutsche Bank :: 1987 : 2012?
One by one, starting with Mexico and ending with (if memory serves) Argentina, governments came to power that just flat-out said: send the CIA if you want, send the Marines if you want, they won't be able to install a government, any kind of a government, no matter how repressive, that can actually seize those assets. It can't be done. There just aren't enough assets to seize, and the people just aren't standing for it. We default. We're screwed? Fine, but so are you... I wonder if there's anybody left at Deutshe Bank that lived through those years, and realizes the parallels?

The $144,146,165 Button
In 2007, NYC forced cab drivers to begin taking credit cards, which involved installing a touch screen system for payment...

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found in the Amazon May Solve World’s Waste Problem
A group of students and professors from Yale University have found a fungi in the Amazon rainforest that can degrade and utilize the common plastic polyurethane (PUR).


Aboriginals say asylum seekers are welcome
AN Aboriginal group says asylum seekers detained at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre are welcome in Australia. The Treaty Republic's Robbie Thorpe says two Tamil detainees will be given "Original Nation Passports" at the detention centre on Monday afternoon as a symbolic welcome to the country.

120 Giants Found Living With 86-Year-Old Man
I don't know what kind of nerve, ferocity and stubbornness got 86-year-old Brendon Grimshaw to buy an island in the Indian Ocean, replant it with 16,000 trees, grasses and then lure a bunch of giant tortoises -- big galumphing ones and itty-bitty ones -- to live with him (one gets born in his bedroom)...

Negro_Napoleon shows 45 reasons why he doesn't trust the government
Most of These are incidents that happened 30 years ago... These are all wikipedia sites...and this is the information they're LETTING you have. Imagine all the shit you have NO CLUE about...

The captive ABC and the tyranny of balance: ‘Balance’ and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
According to Peter Johnstone, this show represents a sickness in the heart of the ABC -- created by the tyranny of balance, and the public broadcaster’s capture by right-wing think tanks.

When half a million Americans died and nobody noticed
Was the US drug Vioxx responsible for far more deaths than has been acknowledged so far?

Facebook’s New Con: Pay To Have Your Posts Seen
Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm hides your posts from 84% of your Page’s fans. Now Facebook wants you to pay for ads to make those posts visible. Welcome to Facebook’s new con. "If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold."

German Police Used Only 85 Bullets Against People in 2011
According to Germany's Der Spiegel, German police shot only 85 bullets in all of 2011, a stark reminder that not every country is as gun-crazy as the U.S. of A. ...most of those shots weren't even aimed at people... Meanwhile, in the U.S., where the population is little less than four times the size of Germany's, well, we can get to 85 in just one sitting, thank you very much...

The equality paradox
The right won the economic conflict and the left won the culture wars.

17 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood
...it's good to go back and look at our childhood icons through adult eyes. OK, maybe "good" isn't the word for it ...

Movie Review: The Avengers

The scene opens at a SECRET BASE. Lots of people are RUNNING AROUND in a PANIC.

Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson:
There are lots of people running around in a panic. What's up?
Distracted Scientist Dude:
Sir, it's the plot device! Our instruments show that it's generating 38% more plot than it was before. If this keeps up, there may be no place in this movie to escape the plot!
Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson:
Did you try turning it off?

The Bush National-Guard Story Rises from the Dead
As far as I know, Garry Trudeau's offer of money to anyone who can prove Bush ever made it to his duty station in Alabama is still out there. By way of comparison, my father, who served in the Pacific in World War II, met at least three people who had direct knowledge of, or had friends who had direct knowledge of, the poker prowess of one Lt. Richard M. Nixon. If people can remember getting fleeced by Nixon in the middle of World War II, which we can all stipulate was a somewhat more chaotic duty station than Alabama was in the late 1960's, then somebody should be able to collect on Trudeau's bet.

Racism vs. the Race Card
The conservative movement doesn't understand anti-racism as a value, only as a rhetorical pose... If you don't think racism is an actual force in the country, then you can only understand it's invocation as a tactic.

Improbable research: why random selection of MPs may be best
Mathematical research indicates that parliaments work best when some, though not all, members are chosen at random

Buried Treasure: World War II Spitfires to Be Unearthed in Burma
Paging Indiana Jones: a British farmer's 15-year quest to find a squadron of legendary fighter planes buried in a far-off land has finally paid off

What Happened to the Iceberg That Sank the Titanic?
The story of the ocean liner has been told hundreds of times. This story is about the block of ice. The photos you see up top and down on the left are quite possibly the only known photographic evidence of the actual iceberg that struck the Titanic...

Did Einstein's First Wife Secretly Coauthor His 1905 Relativity Paper?
Various historians have concluded that Einstein's first wife, Mileva, may have secretly contributed to his work. Now a new analysis seeks to settle the matter.

Twitter Vows To Sue For ‘Defensive’ Patent Purposes Only
Twitter wants to buck the patent-lawsuit trend and institute what it calls the Innovator’s Patent Agreement (IPA). It introduced the IPA Tuesday, saying it will give Twitter engineers a say in how their inventions are used.

and Top 16 Most Expensive Materials in the World

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Date:2012-05-12 20:30
Subject:For when the constant stream of rubbish on my BaseFork isn't enough for you, there's this...

18-month-old baby pulled from flight, parents interviewed by TSA
...the parents say they believe the incident began because they are both of Middle Eastern descent and because the wife wears a hijab, a traditional headscarf.

Dekalb County Police: it's within policy for our officers to kick pregnant women in the stomach
When Dekalb County, Ga., police officer Jerad Wheeler tased her brother, Raven Dozie started crying and demanding to know why. Wheeler kicked the heavily-pregnant woman in the stomach. While he is now under criminal investigation, his superiors on the force squelched an internal affairs complaint and explicitly approve of his conduct. ...Wheeler was accused of twisting a 53 year-old woman's arm in 2011. This January, he shot a family's chained dog after showing up at the wrong home on a call.

When same-sex marriage was a Christian Rite
Contrary to myth, Christianity's concept of marriage has not been set in stone since the days of Christ, but has constantly evolved as a concept and ritual.

The Myth About Marriage
Why do some people who would recognize gay civil unions oppose gay marriage? Certain religious groups want to deny gays the sacredeness of what they take to be a sacrament. But marriage is no sacrament.

Disney World Offers Star Wars Fans 'Carbon Freeze Me' 3D Printed Figurines
Like a scene straight out of Cory Doctorow's Makers, Disney World is offering visitors to be 3D scanned and 3D printed in a Hans Solo style figurine as part of their Star Wars Weekends..

athletic body diversity reference for artists
This is a photoshoot of various Olympic-level athletes by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein titled "The Athlete". Like many others I tend to fall into the trap of drawing the same body type over and over for athletic characters. This photoshoot serves as awesome reference reminding us artists that strong bodies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes...

Pretty in Pink
What does the color of our genitals have to do with evolution?

Doctor says he's found the actual G spot
Small clusters of erectile tissue deep within the vaginal wall are the trigger for enhancing female orgasm, the physician says. Skeptics say it's not so simple.

WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Turtle from Outer Space
"She doesn't have any statuary or lawn ornaments and no pets in her home. The picture I sent you is what she got back from the photo developers."

Facebook running test for highlighted posts
Facebook is considering charging its members US$2 to "highlight" important posts so they are more visible on the social networking site.

George Wright, America's most elusive fugitive, ran for forty years

Meet Caitlin "Meathook" Kelley, A 9-Year-Old MMA Fighter Who Can Kick You Into Next Week
I want her to rule the world and kick ass all the way to the top.

Cracking The Credit Card Code
...how many of you know what those numbers really mean? Contrary to what you may think, they aren’t random. Those 16 digits are there for a reason and, knowing a few simple rules, you could actually learn a lot about a credit card just from its number. This infographic shows you how to crack that code.

Can I Trust Those Evil Pharmamancers With My Life?
I have a background in science (biochemistry), have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and am currently reporting on the industry full time. At the same time, I live in a very liberal college town where hippy lifestyles and alternative medicine are very popular... Quite often, directly or indirectly, people seek my opinion on these issues. It can be difficult for me because I have mixed feelings. I recognize that medicine and science have real limits, and that the practice of medicine is just as fallible as the human being in the white coat. Medical science can’t fix everything that’s wrong with you, and sometimes it will make things worse. At the same time, I don’t agree that the pharma industry is an evil industrial complex pushing poisons on us purely for profit. I’ve been inside it too much to buy into that.

Aussie Delicacy Vegemite Loses Some of Its Savory Appeal
Yeasty Spread Is Acquired Taste, but Kids Today Are a Hard Sell; Edgers and Streakers

Path Dependence and the Stupidity of LED Light Bulbs
Why are we cramming 21st century technology into a socket designed by Edison?

Malware Installed on Travelers' Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections
Recent analysis from the FBI and other government agencies demonstrates that malicious actors are targeting travelers abroad through pop-up windows while establishing an Internet connection in their hotel rooms.

Computer Scientists Show What Makes Movie Lines Memorable
The study suggests that memorable lines use familiar sentence structure but incorporate distinctive words or phrases, and they make general statements that could apply elsewhere.

Wild West Edinburgh, Morningside
Hidden in a street in Morningside, lies Edinburgh’s Wild West. It was built in 1995/6 by Michael Faulkner as part of the ambience of the sales area for a furniture business, which specialised in Southwestern style...

The Second Android Coming of Philip K. Dick
And while I’ll never get to chat with the real Philip K. Dick, I doubt I’m the only head who’d kill to have an hour-long conversation with his double. Or triple, rather. It’s close enough. Maybe, even, it’s closer: the android is a person that PKD himself could only speculate about being. More human than human.

The Mark 2 went rogue and escaped, so they've built a Mark 3. (Good article, apart from the trite "Dick was also famously unhinged" bullshit--he came through the fire many times, proving he was exactly the opposite.)

Polyamory and the Elephant in the Room
Yes, a new relationship really is potentially a threat to the existing relationship, no matter how poly-skilled the folks involved may be.

George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors
George Lucas' rich neighbors don't want him building a movie studio in their backyard. His response is the best thing he's done in years.

It Would Be Remarkable if Steve Rogers and Tony Stark Did Get Along
Consider this difference in their upbringing: Steve "Captain America" Rogers is a trailing-edge "GI Generation" American. He grew up during the Hoover administration, during the triple-disaster of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression and the rise of global fascism, and Herbert Hoover and his conservative pro-business pro-wealthy supporters insisted that there was nothing that the federal government could or should do about it, we were just going to have to accept our suffering and hope that things get better. And it was liberal anti-business anti-wealthy FDR who was the first politician of his lifetime to stand up and say that there was something the government could do to save kids like Steve Rogers, the New Deal, and he did those things, and the economy turned around. The movie incarnation of Tony "Iron Man" Stark is a Gen-Xer.

5 Bad Ideas for Dealing With Bullies You Learned in Movies
When I was in school, we just kind of had to deal with it as best we could, any advice coming from sitcoms and movies about nerds overcoming jocks by recording their girlfriends naked in the bathroom. I didn't realize until I was all grown up that the sitcom words of wisdom weren't all that reliable. Advice like...

Not-quite-so elementary, my dear electron
Fundamental particle ‘splits’ into quasiparticles, including the new ‘orbiton’.

5 Baffling Discoveries That Prove History Books Are Wrong
A generation of students found out the hard way that archaeology isn't anywhere near as much fun as Indiana Jones made it look. Still, experts in the field do have their exciting, and even shocking, days at the office. Mainly, these occur when they discover baffling artifacts that are half a planet away from where they should be, proving that a whole lot of what we thought about history was dead wrong.

Pioneer Anomaly Solved!
With the latest piece of the puzzle just published in a scientific journal, a solar system mystery that has perplexed people for more than 20 years has been solved

It was the Pentiums, all along.

Real Snail Mail
The moment you click 'send' your message travels at the speed of light to our server where it awaits collection by a real live snail. Yes, that's right we're not called real snail mail for nothing! When time is worth taking RSM is the service for you.

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Date:2012-05-09 23:30

Japan shuts off nuclear power as thousands celebrate
Thousands of Japanese marched to celebrate the switching off of the last of their nation's 50 nuclear reactors Saturday, waving banners shaped as giant fish that have become a potent anti-nuclear symbol. Japan was without electricity from nuclear power for the first time in four decades when the reactor at Tomari nuclear plant on the northern island of Hokkaido went offline for mandatory routine maintenance.

Fox News guest laments ‘mistake’ of letting women vote
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a tea party activist that’s appeared several times on Fox News, and founder of an organization where Sean Hannity serves as an advisory board member, said in a sermon recently published to YouTube that America’s greatest mistake was allowing women the right to vote, adding that back in "the good old days, men knew that women are crazy and they knew how to deal with them."

Bouncers In the UK Are Asking to See Facebook Profiles Before Letting People in Nightclubs
Here is an obnoxious new development in the Facebook privacy debate: Some of our friends across the pond might find themselves denied access to nightclubs in the UK -- because they denied a bouncer access to their Facebook profile. No, really. The BBC reports that bouncers are asking people to log into their accounts on their phones outside of nightclubs to see if their profile names match their drivers license.

LaserSaber brings 'Star Wars' swordplay to life
In honor of this year's Star Wars Day, Wicked Lasers has released the LaserSaber -- a $100 "blade" that brings George Lucas' vision closer to reality. The company's lightsaber is comprised of a 32-inch polycarbonate wand and aircraft-grade aluminum hilt that attaches directly to the cap of its Spyder 3 series of green and blue lasers.

"We can't send email more than 500 miles"
"We're having a problem sending email out of the department..."

The frequent fliers who flew too much
Many years after selling lifetime passes for unlimited first-class travel, American Airlines began scrutinizing the costs -- and the customers.

The lessons I learnt from my iPhone mugging
Yesterday, I had one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life when I was mugged at knife point in broad daylight just metres from my front door. But I learnt a lot about how I could have allowed the police to better respond to a crime like this, and the actions that I needed to take to ensure my data was safe.

I am a statistician and I buy lottery tickets
hen my friends hear me say that I’m buying a lottery ticket for a big draw I often get the comment, "but aren’t you a statistician?". The implication is that only people who are ignorant of probability would play the lottery. I’ve also heard the belief that the lottery is a tax on poor people. I have a different view, that buying lottery tickets is perfectly rational for me.

New Kansas abortion bill lets doctors lie to patients, withhold cancer treatment
The Kansas House of Reps passed one of the most draconian and awful abortion bills imaginable last week. Among other things, it allows doctors to lie to their patients to keep them from getting abortions, even if the mother's health demands it, and mandates that doctors lie about health risks from abortion. It also allows doctors and pharmacists to withhold cancer treatment from pregnant women if they believe it might harm the foetus's health.

New York City’s Hidden Subway Station
Deep in the belly of New York’s subway system, a beautiful untouched station resides that has been forgotten for years with only a limited few knowing of its existence. Stunning decoration with tall tiled arches, brass fixtures and skylights run across the entire curve of the station, almost a miniature imitation of Grand Central Station...

Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online
A couple of years ago, Amanda Hocking needed to raise a few hundred dollars so, in desperation, made her unpublished novel available on the Kindle. She has since sold over 1.5m books and, in the process, changed publishing forever

"Why I break DRM on e-books": A publishing exec speaks out
I don’t think Exec is the only person in the publishing industry breaking DRM on e-books they buy…and those who aren’t doing so already might want to give it a try, if only to see what readers go through.

Is the Book Cover Dead?
It sure doesn't look good. Thanks, technology.

From Kerouac To Rand, 'Harmful' Reads For Writers
"their readable styles look so easy that they might seduce a young writer into imitating them."

Color-coded text reveals the foreign origins of your words
Looking to better understand the role of foreign words in his day-to-day use of the English language, Kinde whipped up a program that would allow him to actually see precisely that..

The Atlas of True Names
The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings, of the familiar terms on today's maps of the World, Europe, the British Isles and the United States.

The Foreign-Language Effect
Thinking in a Foreign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases

Ancient language controls crime rings
Some gang members serving prison sentences are using an ancient language to try to keep control of their criminal organizations on the outside as corrections officers work fast to crack the code... the inmates are sending out messages written in Nahuatl, a 1,400-year-old Aztec language.

Was Beethoven Black? Was His African Heritage Whitewashed?
...the true identity of Ludwig van Beethoven, long considered Europe’s greatest classical music composer. Said directly, Beethoven was a black man. Specifically, his mother was a Moor, that group of Muslim Northern Africans who conquered parts of Europe--making Spain their capital--for some 800 years.

John Cleese vs The Sun
In 1982, British tabloid The Sun reported that filming on Monty Python's The Meaning of Life had been marred by an incident...

Judge will rule if tattoo is allowable evidence in murder trial
A man who was killed outside a Minneapolis bar last summer had a tattoo of a swastika on his chest. At a hearing today, the attorney for a transgender woman accused of fatally stabbing Dean Schmitz said the tattoo is relevant to next week's murder trial of Chrishaun McDonald because it symbolizes Schmitz' hatred of people who are different.

Why the Super Mario Movie Sucked
Miyamoto and various Nintendo employees flew in from Japan to see how their bestselling franchise looked the big screen. Polite to a fault, Miyamoto has yet to comment candidly on Hollywood’s bastardisation of his most iconic creation.

Rookwood Necropolis
Rookwood cemetery (formally, a necropolis) is the largest cemetery in the Southern hemisphere- and conveniently located in Lidcombe. It’s overseen by a tangle of faith representatives, and includes victoriana gardens, modern burial grounds and a cremation area. More interesting to me, though, are the older areas of the cemetery slowly being reclaimed by native plants and creatures: a gentle reminder we are lucky to be remembered well in this life, much less the next.

Christian Group Shows Up To Chicago Gay Pride Holding Apologetic Signs
This is an amazing photo that captured the moment a gay man hugged a member of a Christian group, that came to Gay Pride to apologize for the way the church has treated homosexuals.

Tax rates are at historic lows
Thus we have one of the stranger aspects of American politics just now: Millions of citizens angry with President Obama for raising their taxes despite the fact that he actually lowered them.

List of proxies
If your ISP has blocked The Pirate Bay you can use any of the following sites to access it.

Evolution seen in 'synthetic DNA'
Researchers have succeeded in mimicking the chemistry of life in synthetic versions of DNA and RNA molecules.

Black London firefighter beaten, tazed and charged for offering assistance to cops had his complaint buried
London's Metropolitan police are at the centre of another set of awful racism allegations, the tenth in three weeks...

A web of privilege supports this so-called meritocracy
Class privilege, and the power it confers, is often conveniently misunderstood by its beneficiaries as the product of their own genius rather than generations of advantage, stoutly defended and faithfully bequeathed.

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Date:2012-05-06 12:25

When Law Isn't Enough to Stop Protest, NYPD Sexually Assaults and Tortures #OWS. NYT Yawns.
That's what it's come to: police in America's largest city using a policy of widespread sexual assault and widespread torture isn't even news-worthy any more.

Why do we photoshop people?
A heavily photoshopped ad shows dissatisfaction with the way people are. When you look through any glossy mag, or at any commercial or ad, KNOW THAT THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE YOU. Know that it’s a game. Step back, and don’t worry.

Microsoft ejects DVD playback from Windows 8: Netflix and licensing killed the video star
Digital media playback in Windows 8 has fallen casualty to the savage economics of the PC industry and changing tastes in consumer viewing. We knew Windows Media Center would be sold at extra cost in Windows 8, but Microsoft now says you won’t be able to play DVDs on Windows Media Player in Windows 8.

Quiet Hands
Let me be extremely fucking clear: if you grab my hands, if you grab the hands of a developmentally disabled person, if you teach quiet hands, if you work on eliminating "autistic symptoms" and "self-stimulatory behaviors," if you take away our voice, if you... if you... if you...

Golcar man has both legs amputated, applies for disability benefit & gets asked: 'So, how far can you walk?'
A MAN who has had both legs amputated is struggling to survive financially -- because bureaucrats are still deciding if he is disabled.

Reminds me of the Howard Govt's desire to put Downs Syndrome folk through traumatic yearly assessments, just in case they were "getting better".

Welfare groups attack plan to cut parental benefits
Welfare groups say the Federal Government's plans to cut parental benefits will not help single parents get a job. The Government is planning to wind back income support for unemployed parents once their children are at school....

Reddit’s "What Secret Could Ruin Your Life if It Came Out?" Thread Is a Harrowing Descent Into the Darkest Reaches of the Human Soul
A recent AskReddit thread titled Throwaway time! What’s your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out? got people creating temporary accounts, then confessing their deepest, darkest secrets. The results ranged from creepy-but-cute, to fascinating, to horrifying. I hope to walk you through that gigantic thread, because there were so many weird confessions...

Fake Kickstarter project 'Mythic' uncovered by internet users, forced to shut down
The project had raised almost $5,000 of its $80,000 goal before users from a number of different online communities noticed several problems: the artwork had been cribbed from outside sources, the photos of the company's purported offices had been lifted from another site, and even the game's poster art was a mash-up. After being called out, the creators of the campaign cancelled it, and have since been methodically deleting the game's Facebook profile and website. Ironically, the campaign page itself is still accessible...

Blond hair evolved separately in Europe and the South Pacific
Though the indigenous people of the Solomon Islands all have dark skin, about 5% to 10% also have naturally blond hair -- and a new study finds that the genetic quirk responsible for this is different from the one that produces blond hair in people of European ancestry.

Zombie-ant parasitic fungus kept in check by hyperparasitic fungus: Ant colonies are protected against brain-manipulating parasitic fungi by another fungus
Cordyceps can decimate entire ant colonies, but some colonies can keep an infestation at bay and survive for long periods of time. It turns out that the zombie-ant fungus is itself parasitized by another fungus, which limits its ability to reproduce and prevents it from overwhelming the colony. This microbial defence system allows the two species to stably co-exist and ensures the long-term survival of the colony despite a high rate of infection.

Look, Kitten, I Am Too A Feminist! Fauxminism and Men
So how do you tell if a man you are conversing with (or perhaps know, love, and/or are friends with) is, in fact, a fauxminist? Long story short -- if you are a feminist that is predisposed to baking, don’t be so willing to hand over the cookies to any man who claims the label. The best way to determine whether or not a man is actually dedicated to social justice and equality is to press him on it.

Hair! (Not the Musical)
(Also, edited down at The Guardian)
I stopped shaving. Legs, pits, bits -- I ceased cultivation and let them revert to a state of nature... I stopped shaving because there’s way too much pressure on people to conform to stupid arbitrary gendered bullshit... But enough proselytising. I do hereby jump down off the soap box, and will spend the rest of this article answering, in an approximate order of the frequency they are asked, the questions people commonly proffer when they see my prodigious manes of untamed womanhood.

Equal Under The Law?
One of the supposed cornerstones of democracies is that we are all equal under the law. Rich people, of course, always have means of avoiding consequences, but once you end up in front of The Beak (that’s a judge, non-UK readers) you expect to be treated fairly. Well, some of you do... You’ve doubtless all heard of the case of Trayvon Martin who was gunned down in Florida earlier this year... As a comparison, consider the case of trans woman CeCe McDonald... You might ask why she chose to defend herself. Wasn’t that a little unwise? Well, here’s what happens to trans people who don’t defend themselves...

Wealthy Americans queue up to surrender US passports in Bern
Rich Americans renouncing US citizenship rose sevenfold since UBS AG whistle-blower Bradley Birkenfeld triggered a crackdown on tax evasion four years ago. About 1,780 expatriates gave up their nationality at US embassies last year, up from 235 in 2008... The US, the only nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that taxes citizens wherever they reside, is searching for tax cheats in offshore centers...

Student abandoned in DEA holding cell drank own urine to survive
"They never came back, ignored all my cries and I still don’t know what happened," he said. "I’m not sure how they could forget me." After five days, a DEA worker heard noises coming from the holding cell and discovered him. Chong was taken to the hospital, where he spent three days in the intensive care unit. The DEA has not apologized to Chong. He has not been charged with any crime.

Neal Stephenson Responds With Wit and Humor
There is nothing better than a Slashdot interview with someone who not only reads and understands Slashdot but can out-troll the trolls. Admittedly, the questions you asked Neal Stephenson were great in their own right, but his answers... Wow! let's just say that this guy shows how it's done...

Do Kids Care If Their Robot Friend Gets Stuffed Into a Closet?
While it seems clear that children won't have much trouble developing substantive relationships with humanoid robots, at least if (or when) they become as social as a teleoperated Robovie, it's less clear to what extent these robots will be treated as tools, and to what extend they'll be treated as living things, if not like humans, than at least like animals...

Android Ported to C#
...we have been offering C# to Android developers as a high-performance, low-battery consuming alternative to Java...

The Invention of Jaywalking
"If you ask people today what a street is for, they will say cars. That’s practically the opposite of what they would have said 100 years ago."

They stole the streets, and we forgot it even happened.

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Date:2012-04-30 23:03

What the Secret Service could learn from drunken sailors
What happened in Cartagena, Colombia, with the Secret Service seems unsavory to me, but not for the reasons you might think. I make no judgments about men spending a night with escorts...

Descriptive Camera, 2012
The Descriptive Camera works a lot like a regular camera--point it at subject and press the shutter button to capture the scene. However, instead of producing an image, this prototype outputs a text description of the scene...

Edison's Revenge: The Rise of DC Power
In a world of more electronics and solar energy, there's less and less need for AC power.

A Complete Guide to ‘Hipster Racism’
There's been a lot of talk these last couple of weeks about "hipster racism" or "ironic racism"--or, as I like to call it, racism.

Evaluating the First Drug to Show Improvement in Subtype of Autism
In an important test of one of the first drugs to target core symptoms of autism, researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine are undertaking a pilot clinical trial to evaluate insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) in children who have SHANK3 deficiency (also known as 22q13 Deletion Syndrome or Phelan-McDermid Syndrome), a known cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


Photos Find Fictional Fun in Amateur Space Program
In 1964, a Zambian grade-school science teacher single-handedly, and unilaterally, created a space program for his country...

People On Welfare Less Likely To Do Drugs Than Those With Jobs
We’ve learned a lot of really important things since Florida started drug testing those who applied for welfare benefits... hardly any recipients were actually doing drugs.

Personhood Theory: A Primer
To quote from one of my favorite George Carlin skits: "Now, if you think you do have rights, one last assignment for you. Next time you're at the computer, get on the Internet, go to Wikipedia. When you get to Wikipedia, in the search field for Wikipedia, I want you to type in "Japanese Americans 1942, and you'll find out all about your precious fuckin' rights, okay? ...Just when these American citizens needed their rights the most, their government took 'em away. And rights aren't rights if someone can take 'em away. They're privileges. That's all we've ever had in this country, a bill of temporary privileges."

Quantum decision affects results of measurements taken earlier in time
The picture certainly looks like future events influence the past, a view any right-minded physicist would reject...

Talking pineapple question on state exam stumps ... everyone!
Students, teachers, principals - no one has any idea what the deal is

I don't understand. Seems perfectly simple to me.

Facebook’s New Con: Pay To Have Your Posts Seen
fb_dollarFacebook’s EdgeRank algorithm hides your posts from 84% of your Page’s fans. Now Facebook wants you to pay for ads to make those posts visible. Welcome to Facebook’s new con.

Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives
The New York City Municipal Archives just released a database of over 870,000 photos from its collection of more than 2.2 million images of New York throughout the 20th century. Their subjects include daily life, construction, crime, city business, aerial photographs, and more. I spent hours lost in these amazing photos, and gathered this group together to give you just a glimpse of what's been made available from this remarkable collection.

A Conversation With John Slattery
Last night’s episode of Mad Men was called "Far Away Places," and perhaps no one traveled as far as Roger Sterling, the veteran ad man who, along with wife Jane, took his first LSD trip. Slate spoke with John Slattery, who portrays Sterling, this morning.

The Dawn of Haiku - How a volunteer crew brought a crack OS back
It was the summer of 2001, and computer programmer Michael Phipps had a problem: His favorite operating system, BeOS, was about to go extinct. Having an emotional attachment to a piece of software may strike you as odd, but to Phipps and many others (including me), BeOS deserved it. It ran amazingly fast on the hardware of its day; it had a clean, intuitive user interface; and it offered a rich, fun, and modern programming environment. In short, we found it vastly superior to every other computer operating system available. But the company that had created BeOS couldn't cut it in the marketplace, and its assets, including BeOS, were being sold to a competitor...

How Much Gold Is Game of Thrones Worth?
How does HBO make money on expensive shows only 3 million people watch?

First Person: Breaking the chains of religious tradition
Where I come from, girls are married off as teenagers to men they barely know and are expected to spend their lives caring for their husband and children. They are required to cover their hair and nearly every inch of their skin, and to remain behind a curtain at parties and religious events. Where I come from, if a woman wants to feel her hair blow in the wind or wear jeans or attend college, the courts have the authority to take her children away from her. Where I come from, you might be surprised to learn, is the United States. Specifically, New York and then New Jersey, in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Olympics 2012: A Bruce Schneier Moment
The Ministry of Defence is considering placing surface-to-air missiles on residential flats during the Olympics... If one of those things is ever fired, either in anger or by accident, it'll shower white-hot supersonic shrapnel across the extremely crowded residential heart of a city... Olympic security is out of control and irrational... Oh, and incidentally it would be illegal for me to say this if I happened to live in London or my blog was hosted in England--the enabling laws for the Olympics override our basic civil rights

Why is there a dead bird on Tonto's head? Johnny Depp explains
Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor opened up about the controversial look he sports in the upcoming film, how he developed it, and what actually inspired him to go all "Look-I-got-a-dead-bird-on-my-head."

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Date:2012-04-17 20:02
Subject:Oops, I Did It Again.

Sweden’s New Gender-Neutral Pronoun: Hen. A country tries to banish gender.
...for many Swedes, gender equality is not enough. Many are pushing for the Nordic nation to be not simply gender-equal but gender-neutral.

The Skippy Girls
The skippy girls are in the Redfern/Waterloo area. Their origins- about 2002, as best I can determine- began as a project to cover tags in the area, but the individual panels have been repainted several times. I’m not sure I’m convinced this is "a part of the modern folklore of the Gadigal people," but it is a pleasant lot of graffiti art.

My old Jeffreys piece
I am reposting my famous Sheila Jeffreys piece to prove that it takes more than the idiotic Dave the Squirrel using the wrong pronoun, or Gallus Mag claiming I don't care about violence to other women, or someone posting my photo on a hate site, to scare me.

Dear daughter...
So they hate you. But fuck ‘em. Because you are a force of nature, a powerhouse of emotion and talent and stubbornness and potential. You’re worth a billion of them...

Not Everybody Wants to Have Sex
It has been estimated that about 1% of the population are asexual meaning they feel no interest in sex, or little to no sexual attraction. But asexuality has also become an orientation, and really, a movement.

Life Without Sex: The Third Phase of the Asexuality Movement
Now that he's raised awareness of his lifestyle, David Jay, founder of AVEN, is working to change mainstream beliefs about sex drives.

For anyone who only sees gender and sex in black and white
...here’s proof that nature is just as fluid with representations of gender and sex as we are.

A Highly Intelligent Woman Speaks Out
...let me explain something to those of you who haven’t thought about such things. High-IQ women often do not present in the same way as high-IQ men. That doesn’t mean they’re not just as smart; they just behave differently, in ways that are not typically identified with high intelligence.

Your Vagina Isn’t Just Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy--It’s Also Too Brown
Good news, ladies! Society has discovered another new thing that's wrong with you, which means another opportunity for you to make yourself more attractive for your man.

The Old Feminists Were Right
I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention. I’m sorry that I rested on what you had done instead of being vigilant. I’m sorry that I allowed black and white thinking about complicated issues cloud my ability to see how women were being devalued. I’m sorry that I ignored inequality in the church and in society.

Sometimes, When "All the Facts are In," It's Worse: The UC-Davis Pepper-Spray Report
This is not better than the initial media reports. This is worse. This is an epic textbook in official-violence failure.

More on "the Pepper Spraying Cop:" Why WERE the Cops There?
Student Affairs, the Vice Chancellor, the consulting firm who ran the investigation, and all of us who are appalled by this, we all have "a pre-9/11 mentality." Since the Bush administration, "coddling" protesters (and by "coddling protesters" what I mean is "obeying the law" and "following good standard procedures") is just not what "real Americans" (and by "real Americans" I mean "people with authoritarian personality and social dominance orientation") do.

Obama: 'Drug legalisation not the answer to drug war'
President Obama said the answer to the increasing power of drug cartels in the hemisphere was to encourage societies with strong economics, rule of law, and a sound law enforcement infrastructure.

Because that's worked so far, and legalization hasn't worked every damned place it's been tried. NO, WAIT.

We should demand politicians reconsider 'war on drugs'
In a properly functioning democracy public policy is informed by rational discussion and through the input of those with expertise in the area. As a community we should demand that our political representatives cast aside their fears and prejudices so that Australia is able to formulate policies on drugs which deliver the best outcomes in terms of public health.

Can alcohol make men smarter? Study suggests yes
Although some people believe that alcohol can inhibit your normal thinking processes, the study from the University of Illinois showed that the additional drinks allowed for more innovative answers that, in the end, equaled more correct answers on a brain teaser test.

Free ranging approach to obeying code
Tens of thousands of free-range eggs being sold in Melbourne supermarkets come from chickens ''roaming'' in a space smaller than a doormat, the industry has admitted. And one in three eggs comes from a farm that breaches the industry's own new definition of what is considered free range.

Teen God squad Culture Shifters' miracle cure claims
Children as young as 13 claim they have instantly healed hundreds of people using the miracle powers of Jesus on Queensland streets.

Oracle thinks you can copyright a programming language, Google disagrees
Oracle's case against Google has evolved primarily into a copyright infringement suit over the past several months, and with the full trial scheduled to begin this coming Monday, the court is making an effort to get down to the nuts and bolts of copyright law.

Silly Putty for Potholes
So-called non-Newtonian fluids are the stars of high school science demonstrations. Now, a group of college students has figured out a new use for the strange stuff: filler for potholes.

Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits, in the Flemish Style
What do you do on long flights? Read a book or watch the inflight movie? Not Nina Katchadourian! The artist made self-portraits of herself in the lavatory, posing in the styles of the Old Masters, by using toilet papers and towels...

London mysteries: winged beasts on the tube
Each week we solve one of London’s great mysteries (as submitted by you, the reader). This week Tom Dodd from Shoreditch asks: ‘is it true that the London Underground has its own species of mosquito?’

What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume
The study used a scientific technique called "eye tracking" on 30 professional recruiters and examined their eye movements during a 10-week period to "record and analyze where and how long someone focuses when digesting a piece of information or completing a task." In the short time that they spend with your resume, the study showed recruiters will look at your name, current title and company, current position start and end dates, previous title and company, previous position start and end dates, and education.

Philmo Phlegm's Cut-out and Keep Guide to British Newspapers
Something that foreigners often find difficult when reading British stories is not knowing the editorial stances of British newspapers. British newspapers seem to be more opinionated than many foreign newspapers, and if you don't know where that paper is coming from, you'll find it hard to deal with any bias.

US sues Apple, publishers over e-book pricing
The United States government is suing technology giant Apple and five major book publishers for allegedly colluding to fix the prices of e-books.

Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! Why We Still Need Publishers
...the net result of the loss of publishers would be the loss of writers as a professional class. We’d have a few bazillionaires, because the Browns and Rowlings would be keeping 70-85% of their money, a handful of people like Dean Wesley Smith who manage to be fast enough to get an absolute ton of product on the market, a few peiople like me who find a comfortable niche or two and maybe manage to scratch a living, and a whole load of amateurs writing in their spare time with minimal or no editing. What you wouldn’t have is the vast swathe of stuff in the middle, all the mid-list writers who manage to earn a steady living from writing one or two good books a year.

What Amazon's ebook strategy means
...the peculiar evil genius of Amazon is that Amazon seems to be trying to simultaneously establish a wholesale monopsony and a retail monopoly in the ebook sector. Amazon has the potential to be like that predatory big box retailer on a global scale. And it's well on the way to doing so in the ebook sector.

German Border Threat: Cheap Books
If you want proof that a cultural divide separates Europe and America, the book business is a place to start. In the United States chain stores have largely run neighborhood bookshops out of business. Here in Germany, there are big and small bookstores seemingly on every block. Germany’s book culture is sustained by an age-old practice requiring all bookstores, including German online booksellers, to sell books at fixed prices. Save for old, used or damaged books, discounting in Germany is illegal.

The Sound of One Shoe Dropping
The DOJ has pulled the trigger and filed an antitrust lawsuit regarding e-book pricing against Apple and a number of major New York-based commercial trade publishers. It's about bloody time... and the suit means both much less and much more than it's being spun as.

A Message from John Sargent
We have been in discussions with the Department of Justice for months. It is always better if possible to settle these matters before a case is brought. But the terms the DOJ demanded were too onerous. After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that the terms could have allowed Amazon to recover the monopoly position it had been building before our switch to the agency model

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Date:2012-04-09 13:36

The Mystery of the Flying Laptop
There must be a reason the laptop is singled out as the bad boy of electronics at the airport.

There is: the TSA is full of shit.

A Weapon of Mass Instruction!
Over 50 years ago, I saw a pencil leaning against the front porch of a house near my grandmother's. I was enthralled with the scale of the pencil...

Is My Teen Weird? 20 Terrifying New Youth Trends
Our young people are bombarded with so many dangerous cultural messages today that it’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on in their lives. For Christian parents, the challenge is particularly acute because so many kids are simply ignorant about Biblical teaching and the incredible responsibility of American patriotism. Instead, they are recklessly influenced by the liberal media to believe so many myths that fundamentally undermine their chances for a productive, happy, faithful and morally respectable adult life...

Fairy tales: The Anti-Grimm
What modern mother hasn’t cringed at the pink and passive fairy tale princesses served up to her impressionable girl? ...they are rooted in a tenacious and remarkably unaltered cultural tradition, the fairy tales first published two centuries ago by the Brothers Grimm. Numerous studies in recent decades have found the 19th century social world they portray so unremittingly sexist that some leading folklorists warn against reading them to children at all. This is why the discovery of a huge new trove of unedited German fairy tales is nothing short of a revelation. What they reveal, in abrupt contrast to the Brothers Grimm, is an equal-opportunity world where the brave and clever children are as likely to be girls as boys, and the vulnerable, exploited youths are not just princesses, but princes.

When the cops subpoena your Facebook information, here's what Facebook sends the cops
As far as we can tell, nobody's ever seen what one of these looks like -- and we're hoping the social media, law, and privacy experts out there can glean insight from it.

There aren’t any security reasons to introduce secret courts
To abandon a centuries-old tradition of open justice solely to placate a foreign spy agency would be bad enough. But it seems now that even this flimsiest of justifications no longer stands up.

The psychology of morality: Time to be honest
The conclusion, therefore, at least in the matter of cheating at dice, is that sin is indeed original. Without time for reflection, people will default to the mode labelled "cheat". Given such time, however, they will often do the right thing. If you want someone to be honest, then, do not press him too hard for an immediate decision.

Why One of the World's Leading Peace Advocates Threatened to Punch Me in the Face
Gareth Evans, a former attorney-general and foreign minister in Australia, threatened me because I raised the issue of his support for the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia.

A Message From A Republican Meteorologist On Climate Change
Acknowledging Climate Change Doesn’t Make You A Liberal

9 Lies Republicans Tell About Women's Bodies
...plenty of real lies remain in the debate over women's health. Some are promoted by Republican lawmakers as they push legislation that limits reproductive rights, and others come from GOP presidential candidates and their surrogates.

I hereby (fictionally) resign
My ability to select the best candidates for our positions has been irreparably compromised by looking into their private lives.

I don't hire unlucky people
"I have hundreds of resumés, how do I whittle them down to a handful of calls and a few interviews?"

Those two links are damned fine reading. The second should be required for anyone in HR.

Olympics 'policy' not to pay musicians
The organisers of the London Olympics have been happy to hand huge amounts of public money to multinational companies but are refusing to pay the musicians they are employing to perform at the Games, Corporate Watch can reveal.

Harry Potter and the 800 lb Gorilla
Warner Bros. You are nothing but nasty, litiginous bullies and you should be ashamed of yourselves. And J.K.Rowling, if you ever read this: I wonder if you realize how much hurt and humiliation resides in the hearts of many of the wonderful, creative people whose translations made your words available to hundreds of millions of children across the globe. After a decade of linked work a thank you would have been nice, but we’d settle for an end to the continuing insults to our dignity.

Meat industry says 'butt cancer' billboard near Marlins Park hits below belt
Nothing goes with baseball like a hot dog --and that’s a frightening thing. At least it is to a group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which has erected an over-the-top billboard west of Marlins Park that says, in effect: Frankly, you oughta be eating something healthier.

Amazon: £7bn sales, no UK corporation tax
Online retailer's British operation owned by company in Luxembourg which receives all payments for books, DVDs and other goods

No Need to Hack Phones -- We Stitch Ourselves up
You don’t need to hack people’s phones to degrade and humiliate them in the press -- The Daily Mail gets us to do it ourselves.

Russia developing a gun that turns people into zombies (seriously)
Russian President Vladmir Putin confirmed that his country is working on the creation of an electromagnetic gun that attacks its target's central nervous system, putting them in what we hope is a temporary, zombie-like state.

Obviously, they are jealous of USAnia's Fox News.

Why Can't Humans and Hideous Pod People Work Together at this Real Estate Company?
Hi everybody. Now that I've survived that attempt with the hairspray and the lighter and you know I am impervious to fire, I thought we should clear things up. First, to state the obvious and just get it out there: Yes, I am not really Frank...

Gods as Topological Invariants
We show that the number of gods in a universe must equal the Euler characteristics of its underlying manifold. By incorporating the classical cosmological argument for creation, this result builds a bridge between theology and physics and makes theism a testable hypothesis. Theological implications are profound since the theorem gives us new insights in the topological structure of heavens and hells. Recent astronomical observations can not reject theism, but data are slightly in favor of atheism.

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